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St Louis Live Thread #U2eiTour

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Lost three, gained one, show still had some early tour bugs. Acrobat was great tonight but still needs tightening - I hope they keep with it and don’t drop it, it’s so great live. 

Had a wonderful spot at the e stage (1 person from rail) and was cool to be there compared with our rail spot mid screen in Tulsa. The rail is great but makes seeing the visuals hard. 

I loved seeing these two shows but I’m looking forward to flying home and sleeping in my own bed. 

Until Los Angeles x2 (unless I end up at Vegas night 2...). Keeping my fingers crossed for some Red Flag Day action. 

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4 hours ago, Rich T. said:

So, "New Year's Day" added to the first set, but "Song for Someone" and "Raised by Wolves" dropped.

"Who's Going to Ride Your Wild Horses" dropped from the encore.

Snippet of "The Showman" added.

I hope they restore the dropped songs (at least RBW and WGTRYWH) for Night One in San Jose (May 7).


Who's gonna ride your wild horsed was amazing!

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13 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

I think it's 4 full songs...  Desire / Acrobat / You're The Best Thing About Me / Staring at The Sun...

It was six songs in St Louis inc the above Elevation and Vertigo

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Hoping Wild Horses comes back at some point, glad to see Acrobat hasn't been ditched yet. Think it's a shame they're not doing the third verse on New Year's Day this time round, because the Joshua Tree tour rendition of it was absolute perfection. Still a pretty brave setlist overall. 

This is quite a minor complaint but I'm not keen on the blue lighting on the stage floor for this show; it makes the room look kinda cold. I preferred the yellow stage floor lighting on I&E, but again, this is a pretty minor complaint. 

One thing I will say looking at the choreography for this tour I have no clue where in the arena I want to be standing. For I&E it was an easy decision - Edge's side, near the main stage - all round a pretty good view as a result (though I couldn't see Bono when he went screenwalking during Cedarwood Road, and had to tiptoe to see the band when they were on the b-stage). For The Joshua Tree tour it was even easier: close to the tip of the b-stage, and as a result up close to the band when they came down to it and also a great view of the main stage and screen. For this tour I have absolutely no idea, because theoretically wherever I stand I could be close a member of the band at any one time. My brain hurts!

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On 5/4/2018 at 7:37 AM, mich40 said:


Today is the 2nd show of # U2eiTour, now at # U2StLouis, Missouri.

7 AM and # LaFila joins the @ScottradeCenter. At 3 PM they give us the bracelets. 

I went from 44 to 38 and now to wait no more.

@ U2Chile


Nice pic.  That is my friend Ann and me in the photo of the line!  

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On 5/4/2018 at 11:19 PM, rjmkrm said:

Notably dropped Raised by Wolves and Song for Someone

Yes.  I wish they'd at least do Wolves.  I can do without I Will Follow. and New Years Day.  I'll enjoy both.  I also am really hoping for Wild Horses in Chicago.

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