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What concert are you seeing next?


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7 hours ago, jaanakulo said:

Suede in Stockholm Annexet May 22 Nick Cave & Bad Seeds in Flow Festival Helsinki August 22 

Both my heartcore heart favorites. Thrilled!! 


If only Suede would come to North America… However, I think they are hellbent determined never to do so again. Sad.

Having said that, enjoy your shows! 👍

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On 12/3/2021 at 2:42 AM, dmway said:

...and this Genesis show is later today! I can't believe that I'm able to see them one more time in Philadelphia! (If I am especially blown away by the show tonight, I might sneak in one more show at the 2nd MSG show on Monday - we'll see...) I thought their tour in 2007 was the end; so, this is a nice, unexpected surprise... 😊


Well, this show was absolutely wonderful! Well worth going to. I was very annoyed by the cost of the tickets when they first went on sale, but, having now seen the show, I feel that I got my money’s worth and more - and that’s really all you can ask for any show.

I was concerned that Phil’s vocals weren’t going to be very good; however, he sounded great last night! He clearly struggled early on in the tour when it was still in the UK; however, since crossing the pond, he has done really well. Musically, the band was phenomenal! Nic Collins, Phil’s son, was tremendous behind the drum kit! And there is something about genetics - just as Jason Bonham’s drumming sounds like his dad John Bonham’s, so Nic’s drumming sounds like Phil’s. Amazing similarity…

The light show was incredible as well - I’ll include a few shots here:





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They also had a special Philadelphia show shirt commemorating all the places they played in Philadelphia over the years. (Only Montreal and Toronto were afforded this honor on this tour; I suspect that NYC will get a similar shirt.) I was sure to pick this up - by the end of the show, all of these were sold out:



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On 12/1/2021 at 11:05 AM, Shannon387 said:

It's like someone opened the concert floodgates. So many artists announcing tours next year. I'm trying for Adele in Vegas and Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard tix. 🤞🏼 Don't think I'll make Dermot Kennedy but I'd definitely love to see him if he decides to come back around on his own after the Shawn Mendez thing.

Adding Foo Fighters to my concert calendar 🎉

Ouch...my bank account

Well, scratch Adele off the list - I didn't qualify as a fan who could get tickets... Also, Didn't qualify for Eddie Vedder either... I'm not fond of the new in thing of requiring fans to verify themselves to qualify as a fan, then if you're lucky and Ticketmaster/Live Nation likes you, that gets you a trip to a Ticketmaster waiting room and maaaybe tickets. I miss the days when you could find a concert you want to go to, and then you buy the ticket and go. 🤷‍♀️

Onto other artists...

Jack White is touring! He's awesome in concert. He's next on my concert wish list.

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On 12/12/2021 at 7:39 AM, CorkVegan said:

Genesis in Philly @dmway

Thanks for this! It’ll be fun viewing when I’m missing the tour.

Their last two dates are in Boston this Wednesday and Thursday, and these two shows have greater than a 99.999% probability of being their last ever shows west of the Atlantic Ocean. (I’m still flirting with the idea of going up for the Thursday show - I most probably won’t, but it is fun playing with the idea anyway. 😄)

I’m so glad they did this tour. Their last tour which was assumed to be their last in 2007 was absolutely great; this one, for long-standing Genesis fans in today’s unusual world, was so needed. It was both a reminder of the best of the pre-COVID concert world and a chance to say a final goodbye to a truly classic band. Thank you, Tony, Mike, and Phil! (And Nic Collins, and Daryl Steurmer, the musical pride of Milwaukee, WI). 😎🎸🥁 

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