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The World Cup Thread


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4 hours ago, pollyanna said:

I’m only familiar with the Icelandic and Swedish teams and I haven’t noticed any negatives.......the players are all heroes and everyone loves them ❤️


Thats exactly how it should be.


(don't anyone mention Andrés Escobar...) 

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1 hour ago, padawanbeck84 said:

Congratulations Belgium. And Malahide :)

But England have still done the best I can remember them doing in a World Cup. We have room for improvement, but lots to be proud of and positive about. 

Yes, congratulations to Belgium! Without the super-heroics of Lloris in the semi-final, IMHO, Belgium would have won the WC this year.

I also have to agree with our site Padawan - England is in a great position going forward. If I am remembering correctly, England is the current U-20 and U-17 champions right now too. So, combine that with the fact that this is the best finish from England in 28 years, and this particular team is quite young itself, I'd be placing a lot of money on the Three Lions in Euro 2020 (and 2024) and the next WC in 2022 in Qatar (unfortunately - proof positive that FIFA under Sepp Blatter was nothing more than a bribery syndicate :rolleyes:).

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I still live in hope they might come to their senses and realise that holding the World Cup in Qatar is a silly idea - it's too hot in summer and now they're trying to rearrange the entire football calendar to squish it into winter... :rolleyes:

They could easily pick another country to host it - there are plenty with suitable stadiums and facilities. And that's before we mention the many poor construction workers who have already been killed working on the stadiums in Qatar :( It will be a tournament built on blood and slavery. As you said @dmway FIFA was utterly corrupt during Blatter's era, but no-one is brave enough to reverse the ridiculous decisions that were made.

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