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U2 Merch Unsold


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3 hours ago, bonobabypussycat said:

Hey...does anyone know what happens to unsold merch? Specifically, the t-shirts with the megaphone that were city specific?

I never got a chance to pick one up and wish I had from either London or Manchester.


I’m hoping they will sell what’s leftover too. I also have been asking on the live threads for these items to be sold in the U2.com store - I don’t know why they wouldn’t. People want these items; thus, they would definitely sell.

There are many shirts and posters that were only sold on the European leg that those of us living outside Europe would like to have had the opportunity to purchase as well. Some were exclusive to North America, and those living outside NA might like to have those specific items too. Otherwise, all the money for such items goes to eBayers and other resellers who may only have enriching themselves as much as possible as their sole motivation. I’d rather have my money go to the band than to resellers.

Anyway, I hope our pleas are heard and acted upon too.

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52 minutes ago, DeirdreBell said:

The megaphone shirts for some of the European dates are for sale in the U2 Shop on this site, as a subscriber exclusive.  But only Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam.  Maybe they'll add more soon?  

I really hope so.  I went to Dublin (night 1) and they ran out.  I’m hoping they had some held back for web sales.

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