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Tokyo #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 Live Thread

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1 minute ago, brendo1704 said:

i am still not sure what was announced. unless X Radio is name of new album.....

No - the “X” was a reference to Sirius XM. Bono mentioned them during the announcement. I guess they will have their own dedicated channel?

It’s big news for them, but has little impact for me personally. I’m sensing others feel the same way.


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1 minute ago, peterferris8 said:

So...the gist I'm getting from the announcement is that U2 are announcing their own radio station. Anyone else reckon that's the case? I'm a bit confused. Elevation was awesome though. Haven't been following this tour as closely as I'd like to be.

This was just shared on Twitter: https://www.dublinlive.ie/news/dublin-news/u2-latest-news-live-make-17361194

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I assume its the new Satellite Radio Station on XM! That is what I got from it. Space X is on the pad here to launch at noon--when I saw U2 X Radio--that is what we picked up here on the Space Coast LOL!!!  I always related Elevation to surfing, perfect surf song for Aerial Surfing so our little tiny spot on this big world-that is sending it's 1st FEMALE SURFER into the OLYMPICS IN TOKYO, JAPAN 2020 is from my tiny town of Melbourne Beach in Florida-we await to see if Kelly Slater will take the 2nd coveted spot for the Mens USA Team this week-it would be great if Brevard County, Florida sends TWO of the best surfers in the world to the Olympics! It's been a long time dream of ours to get surfing in the Olympics. WE DID IT!  I think it's GREAT that U2 will have their OWN Satellite Station! Those Boys from Dublin go hand in hand with surfing  They just didn't know it til now LOL!!!

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7 hours ago, dmway said:


You know, I was planning on not listening to this show because of the earliness of the hour on the East Coast; however, now I will have to get up to find out about this...



Moms going to  her pants. 


God text her soul. 



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