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Adam's 60th Birthday Celebration


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This first photo is actually from Berlin 13th of November. We (me and my wife) were number 1 and 2 in the GA line. Adam saw us in Berlin just before ‘lights of home’ with our orange Dutch U2 shirts. With 2 fingers he pointed from his eyes and the pointed it to us. Priceless!! And in Vancouver 2017 i waited until 01h30 am for him to come out. He walked to me and he stopped right in front of me : so what where your thoughts about the dress rehearsal .... me replying “Great Adam just great”. With a big smile he walked further and then he came back to sign my ‘another time another place” sleeve. Perfectly placed in Bono’s hand. What a guy what a gentleman.  Happy birthday Adam!! 




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I've been painting Adam for atu2.com since 2002. Here are some vintage-looking trading cards I made of some of my best work. My absolute favorite is a small watercolor of Adam in his yellow Buzzcocks shirt. 😊



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Adam Clayton at the Twickenham stadium in London, july 8th 2017 during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

Best wishes to him who poses for me to take beautiful pictures! Adam signed this picture to me in tokyo, smiling, as always



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