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Notes to Larry: Our best wishes


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While I was not quite gutted by this news, the information brought home (again) the idea that our favorite four are mortals. I don’t know how I feel about all of this, but that’s not important. 

I hope everything goes well for Larry, and I hope his band mates take good care of themselves. I doubt I will make it to Vegas, but I hope to see them again in Chicago sometime soon. Or better yet, at Notre Dame Stadium! 🍀

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Hey Larry - do please get your health looked after and best wishes on a speedy recovery. Although you will be sorely missed behind the kit, I trust that you and the band will have something really special in store for us at the Vegas gigs. You have given us many many happy years and tours and now its "you" time! Take the time needed - we're not going anywhere at all. From myself and all of us in Acrobat - I'm sure Mark will be leaving his greetings too - get well soon brother.. see you out there! Till the day we get to see that smile again!!

(PS - If this Bram fella doesn't work out.. Mike says he can help you out if needed - and..you've already seen him in action on your kit haha!!  😉)



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^^^ on that note, make sure you teach Bram when to click those sticks to make Bono stop rambling and get a song going.  😜

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