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Name Changes / Check in Here!


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I'm Dreamer... I hope to stay a Dreamer, but for now I'm thatdreamer because I can't log in. image How would Bono put it?


Some sites are slippy, other sites are sloppy

Some sites you surf and they're all kind of choppy

Your skin is black, and you're actually a brother

Some sites are better than others

Some sites you wake up with all of us complaining

Some buggy sites you wish they were changing

Some sites are sulky, some sites have a grin

And some sites have bouncers and won't let you in


On the plus side, we have emoticons! image

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TheFungusAmongus wrote:

again... im eyeball.. as everyone should have known by now. this here is my original name, that i use variants of for everything else.. that was banned a couple years ago. heh.

I never knew why you got banned...why? lol



And I know Dreamer...I love emoticons!image


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