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song I co/wrote for U2...


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superstitions, misperceptions belief's in vampires in scotland

that the wolf was bad...the big bad wolf not such a thing

everybody hears things differently...

what would God want us to do with life...

anything that sleeps and eats and breathes

is a being of creation of God

do you eat cooked sheep, or lamb

Dont let what you hear a Wolf Wof is not that bad

they are good for the ecosystem of birds, bugs

too much caribou is bad for trees

fighting between Catholics, Protestants in Ireland...

was stupid we all believe in Jesus

Im talking I mean Im singing about those of Ireland...

of Ireland of Ireland...I know I havent been true

sings bono all of the time, sometimes I've lied to myself

but because of you I will be ohkay


lyrics by Dominic H, Bono...

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