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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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hope to here from you tomorrow (tonight for you i guess,123?) time for me to go to bed...tired.gif
Goodnight Barbara, guess I should be going to bed soon to, have to look awake for the meeting at the new school tomorrow!
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Am back unfortunatly have to go ,

And my light is shining bright and so does my eye !

love you all

hate liars

have a good night sleep

catch you in the morning!




Have a good day, It's goodnight from me


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Interesting u2lawoman,


Had an average day but was really happy to see my cousin pop in today before he flies out to Mauritius.........


Still happy about last nights sleep , like memories............

Anyway how is everybody ?

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Apple juice after a day of running errands and doing about 5 loads of laundry.

OMG, where do you keep getting all that laundry from?! ..damn...i've collected a few mountains myself...


it's not a hill, it's a mountain

when you start out the climbe.....

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