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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?


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123love wrote:

Conversation roller , sit and lets talk about whats going on around you ,

As for me I'm having a kilkenny and beef jerky whilst on here and dont make a fuss but I'm 33 but I dont celebrate birthdays but honestly I think like an old man , feel like a newborn baby

So what you up to ? what are you drinking/eating and what do you hope to achieve tonight ?

wtf! I can't see anything what is written there!

my eyes hurt! lol!

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Just to let you know, fellow zootopian, I just had some milk and coffee with suger, that is black spanish coffee with a sandwich made with cuban bread, hardsalami slices and yellow cheese, which I than place on a foreman grill toaster. That'll do for the rest of the day.


As for me, I escape to zootopia when ever I have a chance since I am here and there, non stop, but I was just thinking about "Bono" in the kitchenas usual, is either cooking, or washing dishes, but thats when he makes his grand entrances, and Michael Jackson, I know the business Bono is in has a lot ofpressures like Michael had said, but, I am here to remind "Bono" the Prince that He is first, that the glamorous world he is in is not exactly a safeplace tobe, it is just part of his existence experience, and that his health, his life, is always first and above more important than everything, thatincludes money. The way we enter the world, thats the way we go, and so, we must control the things of this world thru spiritual growth, enlightment, and bylistening to the ones sent to awaken us, guide us, assist us.


I for one, love "Bono, who is also the Prince Bono, and I am not going to stand by and just wait for bad news, I will tell him even from a million milesaway, that the Lost Little Girl loves him so, and that he is extremely important for me and for his fans or followers, I like that word better, and that Idon't want something crazy to happen and we lose him or any of them for that matter, but that he is very much loved, appreciated, and thought of fondlyeveryday by the lost little girl who is always concious of him. I have no choice but to scream loud from here so he could notice my crying to him to be on histoes, to take care of his health, and to love life, enjoy it to the fullest, because existence is a wonderful experience because of his mystique Presence, andthat his being from Ireland, makes him be loved more and more everyday.


Okay, I am going to say bye now, I'll be back.



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the Moon.


Tomorrow early we embark for a brief return to Earth, Paris, before docking with the U2 Space Claw.


Enjoying some pre-launch Kirin.


123love, a few pages back you asked how married life was; it's like a spy ring.

Covert information exchanged on a need to know basis.

For example I'm going to have several more beers after Chippi is asleep: she dosen't have a need to know for that information.


That way, she can be on the ball, as she likes to be, and I can be wondrously desensitized going through the customs motions until a lovely cabin attendant cansupply me with another beverage!


360, here we come!



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