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Come and join me I'm having a beer what are you having?

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woohoo ruby how are you , so glad to see you in you hav'nt been in a while have you ?


What you been up to ?


Whats new ?

Missed ya

and sea' islander miss him too

he must be really busy , guess he dont have a social life to go out and do fun things does he !

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I'm so glad 2cu2







Nope not been here for a while



autumns feelings nice...

... always does.


Been having real vivid symbolic



Being a real good girl.


Been reading aand digesting

a whole boook

in three days.


Watching fairy tales


@"I know you I walked/danced with you...

... once upohn a dream.


Been trying to figure out

'What it is about U2 that/whch inspires me?


How about you?

What have you been up too?


Are you ok there 123 Love ?

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Yeah agree with dreams........

like dancing with a agro lady staring at every move ready to scream at you if you make a false step , at least thats how it felt, being tested .........

Glad I've just been born , how about you?

like to think  your half' of it kinda too..........least thats how i remember things..........

I dream too much dont i , lol


But frustrated on waiting for dreams to come true and scared to death they dont...........in some horrible thought.......

yeah im a fresh baby no fresher than me , are you the same ?

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