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Phone ###? (Bajagirl?)


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Sorry to be a pest, but I still can't sign on as a paid member, even though I paid way back in March!


Yes, I did as Bajagirl suggested, e-mail all info needed to help. Only e-mail I received back was a form-email saying some one would be in touch within a fewdays. THIS WAS 3 WEEKS AGO!


Is there a number someone could p/m me, to help fix this problem?



Bit of a rant, but funny thing is, were it seemed there were many people who signed up, just to get pre-ticket sales, I was not one of them, I didn't usemy code, I'm not going to concert. I signed up, because I've been a member since the original Zoo! I miss my Zoo friends and just want the paidaccess(which i paid for), so I can get in touch with my Sparky-Lover friends once again!


It's going on 6months that I have not been able to have access to a service I paid for, and aside from having very poor customer service, it is anextremely poor way to conduct a business. mad.gif The BBB should get a letter onU2.com or whomever the parent company that is responsible for it.


Please help

Brett Dahill

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