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Nite Staff~ Infinity Is A Great Place To Start


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It's me ok Polly..........I couldn't log in here, and today I tried and I now can...but I found I had numbers after my name. I'm just praying nowthat they sort out so that I can go onto the sub side which I paid for last July image


I haven't given up hope and i'm sure that the techie people are working really hard to get peoples log on issues sorted soon.


So girlies.....what have I missed............what's been happening around here.........hope every one is well....I've missed you all image


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You didn't miss much Liz....exept our company......the site is a mess as you must know.


How was Dublin ????

.....you have to tell us everything. :D


I'm gonna take that shower I was gonna take yesterday......but I'll be back....see you.

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I guess I'm going to be leaving here...for awhile anyway...if you want to keep Nite Staff going feel free to do so, I'm not quitting just taking abreak. I knew in my heart I should of let Nite Staff stay in Zootopia. It doesn't belong here. It's a stupid website, nothing more, it doesn'trepresent my love for you guys or U2. You know where I live and if I buy a new house I'll let you know :)


--much love,

yer verti-mom


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