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Nite Staff~ Infinity Is A Great Place To Start


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Izzy2u wrote:

I guess I'm going to be leaving here...for awhile anyway...if you want to keep Nite Staff going feel free to do so, I'm not quitting just taking a break. I knew in my heart I should of let Nite Staff stay in Zootopia. It doesn't belong here. It's a stupid website, nothing more, it doesn't represent my love for you guys or U2. You know where I live and if I buy a new house I'll let you know


--much love,

yer verti-mom


see you my friend...if not around.....eh...i may even go to that face thing for you :DDD

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If more of you join Facebook we could start our own NS group there! LOL


On the group pages there's wall where you can write messages like in here and it's so much easier to upload pictures and videos etc.

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hahaha.....we can call it "zoo refugees" lol


What I don' like about it is that it requires personal information to register which is displayed and highly trackable.....and everyone is on facebook.....I've managed to keep my life off line so far, and I prefer it that way (except for you guys, but no one would ever look for me on a band forum lol)

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Well you can set your profile to be private and nobody can see your info except the ones you add as friends [if you want]. You can keep everything private ifyou choose so. I'm quite wary about putting my info online as well. So I just put on the minimum stuff required

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Ok, so's I get off the plane in Dublin and immediately my phone goes off with Mary sending me a text asking where I am. Anyways, tell her i'm justrunning for the bus. I'm sitting there, and then I get a message of Bonosbaby saying she'd been dragged into a pub by Mary and they'll look out forme at the bus depot........fair enough me thinks.....they're sitting in a pub at midday on a Thursday afternoon......image


I gets into the bus depot and I see a mad Scottish person running towards and I get dragged over the road into the pub where we sit for awhile...........laughing all the time. We head off then to the hotel and check in. We have a quick cuppa, unpack, then it's off out again. We walk aroundDublin for a while.......then decide we're thirsty......so head into Fitgeralds Bar, over from the O'Connell Bridge (I think it was thatbridge..........anyway, it was by a bridge) and had something to eat. Then Carol joined us and they had a few more drinks (I don't drink so was on theorange juice) all this time we're still laughing and laughing. Then we went back to the hotel to pop the access card in for Marie who was meeting us lateron.


Went back out again, and decided to get a carry out cos the pubs are expensive. We walked up to HMV on Grafton Street but there was only about 12 people there,and the goody bags were only being given out to the first 10. It was around 7pm, launch was at midnight and it was freezing, so we went into Nearys Bar justaround the corner from HMV.


What a great Bar that is, highly recommended. Really liked it in there. It's a proper pub, with no dukebox or tv, so you can just sit and talkaway......which we did and we were still laughing. Marie then joined us and we carried on talking and laughing and generally taking the piss image


Me and Mary went out periodically to have a smoke and to check on the size of the crowd gathering, but it only got to about 20 people. About 11pm we decidedto go and join the queue and wait to buy our albums. There were more people there then, it'd got up to about 40 or so, with more joining all the time. Wemet up with James who is just fabulous, and we met up with Danny Boii who is also fabulous............great pair of guys and so funny........great people.


Doors opened at midnight and we went in and got the album.......there was a "Bono" singing outside who was terrible......but he gave goodentertainment value and was promptly groped several times by an over-excited Marydoll image


We were then getting quite knackered as we'd been on the go for around 16 hours straight........By now it was around 1am so we headed back down to thehotel........said goodbye to Danny and Carol and went inside. We sat talking till aroun 2-3am........then hit the pillows.


Next day, we headed on out to Killiney after breakfast. Dawn, Marie, Mary and meself started to walk up to a certain persons house. I got part way up the hilland I could feel my back starting to gie out on me...so decided I was going to go back dow to the train station and wait for them there........there was no wayI was having my back give out as it wouldn't be fair to the others to have to drag me around. So, I waited there for a while, chatting to the guy in thelittle shop there and had a quick cuppa tea.


We then headed back into Dublin and went to Windmill Lane and down to HQ too.......then off to the Hard Rock Cafe for something to eat. All the time we'restill laughing.........Time was getting on by now and we had to go and get our bags out of the Bus Depot, and for Marie to get her bus home. We gave Marie bigcuddles, then me Dawn and Mary headed off to the pub that we'd started in. Then, it was off on the bus, through the appalling Friday night rush hourtraffic, and to the airport.


Me and Dawn got our flights to Manchester, and Mary to Prestwich. I got home around 11.30pm and was totally knackered.


It was the best few days i've had for such a long time. Good fun, brilliant company, loads of laughing and great food. Can't wait to do it again.


Pics can be found on Facebook...............


So there you are, my little Dublin Trip............and what a good time we had. My face is still aching from all the laughing we did image



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