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  1. Thanks Mike, no need for paperless, we dont need GA. (She goes to all the shows with me)
  2. How about Max, if I create a new account for my wife? Like I said Max, they for me, not anyone else.
  3. Ok Thanks Max brother, good to see you from way back in the day.
  4. I used my presale code and got a show in NYC, if I renew my subscription, would I get another code for the new shows?........(Hey, I'm a greedy U2 fan)
  5. A friend of mine sat on the bridge for a concert at MSG, he says they are the best....only two rows, own entrance, you may have to look through glass, but he said the view is different but really cool.
  6. Whree you pull that San Jose one from brother? One ticketmaster they San Jose has the same setup as evryone else, a big rectangle across the length of the floor. That's what I think will happen. As for behind the stage. I got sec 112 at MSG, they say "behind the stage" but I feel that is a generic thing since most concerta at MSG set up with the stage at that end. This one looks like it's gonna be wide open with Larry in the middle maybe.....
  7. Right GC, I never liked GA, I like to have my own space where I can come and go, such as when they play "in a little while", or "stay", that's my sign to get a beer or hit the bathroom.
  8. After seeing U2 in a stadium last time, any seat in MSG will be great!
  9. 4 ticket limit is for transaction, you can buy as many 4 tickets deals as you can
  10. Took my almost ah hour of the 15 minute spin but got 4 at MSG....keep trying, I think the system so clogged up that they can't keep up with demand, therefore they still have available tix.......or poepl pulling them up and losing them.
  11. that's what i was thinking axl, regular concerts are set up on that side, maybe that's just a generic thing on the site
  12. Right gc, always happy to be in the building.
  13. oh that's no good, i'm on the west side....I'll still take em.
  14. I just got 4 tix at NYC sec 112 it says "behind the stage".....by the looks of the stage layout, it seems there is no "behind the stage"....does anyone know about this?
  15. I'm a bit confused on this, are the North America shows going to be paperless tickets?......Is it only going to be GA thats paperless, or the whole arena?
  16. I think it comes down to who buys the tickets with their credit card. I believe you can give your code to anyone, but if they buy the tickets, with their card, the cards are under their name. You shouldn't have a problem
  17. Our 'EXPERIENCE' group of longtime subscribers (those who were current, paid-up subscribers on 09/09/2014) have access from the first day of the pre-sale. Your unique pre-sale access code will have a prefix of U215A... Nice to see U2 taking care of their "Longtime" fans........Their definition of "longtime (3 months) and mine (10 years) are a bit off...............
  18. For all you lazies who couldn't look on the home page, here you go........ Breathe No Line on the Horizon Get On Your Boots Magnificent Beautiful DaY I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Angel of Harlem In A Little While Unknown Caller Unforgettable Fire City of Blinding LIghts Vertigo I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Sunday Bloody Sunday Pride (In The Name of Love) MLK Walk On Where The Streets Have No Name One ------- Ultraviolet With Or Without You Moment of Surrender. Well, I know when I'm getting beer and hitting the head......Still haven't
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