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  1. Can you not read? Again, as I have ALREADY stated, ALL OF MY MAILBOXES HAVE BEEN CHECKED AND RECHECKED AND THEN CHECKED AGAIN. I've also tried contacting you via the help section, and have also tried contacting the so-called "customer support team" but it's kind of hard to get ahold of anyone when it's either a CONSTANT BUSY TONE or JUST RINGS AND RINGS AND RINGS with NO ANSWER. You're giving me the run around and that's unacceptable, as far as I'm concerned. hey, cool it, or you will get banned. No kidding.
  2. I believe some European cities have their own rules which means for some shows you will be able to split 2 tickets over 2 nights, but some cities you will have to use the code for one show only. As to which cities allows what, thats not clear yet...
  3. we are told all dates will be in presale (apart from Dublin, which we don't know about yet)
  4. I've tried on the desktop, tablet, and even my phone. I'm going to panic soon... should I just try paying again?? I paid a 2nd time so now my account shows me as a subscriber but not here on the forums. I'm confused!
  5. from the Newsletter just gone out : "Special shows are being planned for Dublin for the end of next year to benefit the U2-initiated Music Generation project - details will follow once they are finalised." so it may be different arrangements, we just don't know yet
  6. choices... choices... but you are right, only one presale code per membership for 2015....
  7. what OS / browser? Can you try a different one / alternative PC?
  8. logout, clear browser cache & cookies, and log in again to show up here as paid subscriber emails just gone out http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/29101-wednesday-3rd-december-2014-subscribers-newsletter/
  9. bigwave

    Pre-sale codes

    awaiting news on that...
  10. 3rd December Subscribers Newsletter http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/29101-wednesday-3rd-december-2014-subscribers-newsletter/
  11. good idea to send a note off via HELP pages - see if they can fix (include all your details and what you have tried to date)
  12. remember to log out, clear browser cache & cookies, and log in again to show up as paid subscriber
  13. log out, clear browser cache & cookies, log in again - you should see all options then
  14. bigwave

    Pre-sale codes

    not for this tour / leg, but you would qualify for subsequent - thats how I understand it
  15. important to log out, clear browser cache & cookies and log in again if you have resubscribed in last 2 weeks - see if that fixes you (as Max already suggested)
  16. log out, clear browser cache & cookies, log in again - should fix the issue,
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