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  1. no ones getting banned dennyjnr, and mods are simply making use of the 'spoiler' feature (apologies of some posts getting temporarily hidden
  2. check your u2.com emails, something happening tomorrow Thurs 17th Oct 6.30PM EDT

    1. Anjana


      What time is that in the UK please?

    2. Carlos


      Fingers crossed and everything else!

    3. U2LAWoman


      Something good?!3:30 Hurry up!

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  3. ok, show starts in about 15 mins, just time to get the kettle on link : http://tiny.cc/fhv13w let the ad run, and watch out for popups
  4. no probs, don't want to put link up too soon in case it gets taken down, will put it up 10-15 mins before broadcast starts, an hour and twenty mins or so... stay tuned
  5. Kings of Leon on now.. http://www.cbs.com/shows/liveonletterman/artist/221736/kings-of-leon/ Bono on Late Show link coming up...
  6. Bono On Letterman will move to 'where's Bono' thread later, but will post link to watch the Late Show with Bono interview online in a bit, in the meantime Kings of Leon just did a live set, yer man in the wings no doubt, you can watch again their performance soon here : http://www.cbs.com/shows/liveonletterman/artist/221736/kings-of-leon/
  7. Bono live on Letterman a bit later... i think I have a link to watch, will test & post in forums nearer the time

  8. As requested, a mega-merge of all the latest new album rumours
  9. as requested, this is a mega-merge of where the singer turns up on the www.
  10. hello all. The reason this sub-forum was set up (by multiple request), was to be a home for all the rumours out there, news links from other sites, from fans etc, that is not official, but is being covered somewhere on the www... so while it might seem sometimes that 'we have heard all this before' etc, well thats kind of the point of it.. I think. We often hear criticism that other fan sites are posting the latest gossip / photos / items of interest first, so by having this space open it means that doesn't have to be the case. I think febottini & others who post often and fast are bang up to date and accurate with links to U2-mentioned stuff out there - and also are good at giving the credits out to the original sources of the info, which is cool. I will have a good look through and merge topics thats should be together though, see if it can be tightened up a bit.
  11. From the album: Propaganda

    Achtung Baby Special Edition cover - online now for subscribers http://www.u2.com/ne...com-subscribers
  12. bigwave


  13. Propaganda Online - 1st back edition now up for subscribers : http://www.u2.com/news/title/more-propaganda-for-u2com-subscribers

    1. Malahide


      Very nice initiative.

    2. febottini
    3. monica martino

      monica martino

      Great! waiting for the rest :)

  14. Over the years many fans have asked the question, 'Are there online copies of Propaganda magazine?' Well, until now, officially the answer has been no. Back in the early days of U2.com a few articles from Propaganda were made available online, but never a full edition (not officially anyway). Very excited to see the Achtung Baby Scrapbook Edition chosen as the magazine to debut back issues of Propaganda online, and to have been involved in the creation of the online editions. Its been a long time coming, but I think the U2.com team has come up with a great way for all subscribers hereto be able to view some fantastic content, some of it never before seen online. It looks great of any computer or mobile device, and very cool is the way you can flick through in full screen, zoom in & out and jump to selected pages very smoothly. We are all invited to add comments as to what we think and asked which edition would we like to see made available next - so please make your choice known by leaving a comment here, or over on the main U2.com article page. Achtung ya'll...
  15. U2 hat on. Stay tuned...

    1. Zhivvy


      Ohhh you hinting at some big news? Should we get excited and get a new credit card ordered? :)

    2. bigwave


      well, One is always glad of a donation :) Happy Birthday also.. 21 :)

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