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  1. it all should be clearer very soon, advice is keep checking back for official announcements and if you are not a paid member, but definitely want to have the best opportunity to buy Oz & NZ tickets before they go on sale to the public, then the sooner you take out a subscription, the better the chance you have at securing. As Baja has pointed out its not possible to guarantee anything, but past few Presales have shown that Paid Members have, in the main been able to get tickets. GA usually sell out first, so its always good to have a backup plan in case you miss out on your primary chosen seating / standing choice.
  2. Update on subscription renewal issues - just been told that it all should be sorted for everyone by tomorrow...
  3. re: not being able to renew, Sonia, Sarah & Bente - still awaiting reply on report we sent regarding members not being able to renew, and have asked again just know whats going on with this issue and forwarded your names. Did any of you report through Help index to Customer Service, and if so what response?
  4. Yes Ausguy70. Full details should be up soon of dates etc, and we will post link and details here as soon as we know.
  5. and not forgetting the good folk of NZ too, room for an extra date their surely? (my own opinion and NOT official btw!)
  6. Perth is lovely at that time of year, will have to call the relatives there
  7. and the servers go into meltdown, proper Aussie style site will be slow to load for a few hours we anticipate... heavy traffic. well done Aussies, your wait is over.
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