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  1. 32136 its been pouring with rain here at one stage we couldnt here ourselves talking and im not well but it is what it is nothing i can do but live with it

    was nice to cuddle my doggie this morning though he never seems to hurt me i feel loved and can give love back

    feeling tired weary and trust is hard to find i ask why must i go through this and was told im not the only one to suffer

    and i have to learn patience and i have to go through this for a reason

    its unfair i think and i find it hard to believe but mary told my mother 

    people now believe my mother doesnt care for me but not to worry

    she knows that she does and so does mary but pity i cant believe that sometimes

    i feel isolated and lonely and sometimes the only light i see is the true light in me

    which is to find love again and be at that happy place i used to know...

    and the questions why.....

    needless to say i have no choice but to believe what im told

    even though i doubt alot for my own valid reason

    so if you cant see what i see when everything turns negative

    you wouldnt understand and believe i am sick....

  2. Gonna be in the garden in the sky
    Oh yeah

    And the desert of our love
    And the desert of our love
    And the feeling in the sand
    When the poor man then

    Go in the door, door feel me
    Go inside, kneel down
    I feel love in the song

    Feel in the love, I love ya
    Go in the soul
    Bird in the sky, bird in the rain
    Going the field in my heart
    In my sight, believe me
    Bird in the song

  3. enough fun hanging 'round here
    It's a different kind of conversation
    Your blue room

    You saw me coming love
    In outside
    You saw me coming
    Somewhere I can hide

    And time is a string of pearls... your blue room
    (You see that?)
    See the future just hanging there... your blue room
    A new frame, a new perspective
    Looking down on my objectives
    Your instructions whatever their directions
    Your blue room / Your blue room

  4. easy thing
    The only baggage you can bring
    Is all that you can't leave behind

    And if the darkness is to keep us apart
    And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
    And if your glass heart should crack
    And for a second you turn back
    Oh no, be strong

    Walk on
    Walk on
    What you got, they can't steal it
    No they can't even feel it

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