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  1. 30642 oh thats nice tan..i hope it all works out for you and tasting is a great idea..

    me well im stressed over bills but i dont think i will be missing the live show today fortunately ;)

  2. 30596 things are getting strange lately and i wonder what tomorrows going to bring..anyway enjoy the show everyone im going to see if i can listen today before i have to get off the net as im at my dads and cant be rude..

  3. 30583 rain has stopped and its a beautiful day and hopefully we all get a live feed today for the san jose show..the band sound great and are in fine form..im going to love this tour..:)

  4. Empty heart, beat tight as a drum
    Said empty love, she'd shine like a song
    Wey hey hey, baby hang on

    Our love shines like rain
    In those spanish eyes
    Spanish eyes

    Wey hey hey, here she comes
    She comes in colors
    You know she gonna turn the daylight on
    'Cos I love the way you talk to me
    And I love the way you walk on me
    And I need you more
    More, than you need me, yeah

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