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  1. ignore the above Max, I found it, just couldn't find my settings for a while but figured it out
  2. can I also ask how do I change the time so I am in my own time zone when posting, I looked in Help but nothing there, there used to be a GMT thingy in your profile way back in the day but its not there anymore
  3. the paid subscriber sections seems to be affected, cannot post in there anywhere, you will notice that there are no new posts in that section at all. I have the same problem as previously stated above.
  4. why did you go somewhere
  5. things that make you go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. Basher is the most gorgeous and intelligent man I have never met
  7. the pic of Bono and me was really taken at my house
  8. well that there is a lie for sure, you had Bono in your house and you left to go to the pub, no way if you had Bono in your house you would never leave the bedroom
  9. [quote name='basher1 wrote: Leonie wrote: basher1']Sorry to say this but it pisses me off...... u2 should have organised a 360 end of tour gig/gigs in Ireland and/or the U.K..... it pisses me more off that they didn't have an ounce of decency to organise the end of 360 in the vacant lot next to me WHY i hear you ask????... well for starters i feel the UK got a shit end of the deal a few nights here and there......total bollocks......Mainland Europe got more gigs added.....U.S.A got more gigs added why not the very places u2 were made......Ireland and
  10. this goes on and on and on and on, what about countries that only get 1 concert or none, they would always be on the road touring and god forbid they spend anytime with their families. Sorry B gotta agree to disagree with you on this one, that and the fact if they played Ireland this year I wouldn't be able to go
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