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  1. Hi, I just received email that my u2.com subscription will expire in 7days. But when I log in on my account, there's mentioned my subscription is active until march 1, 2021...?   But if i renew now; i will receive the Berlin Dvd, which I already have received as a gift for the 2020 subscription.   Do i have to renew in 7 days, or can i wait until march 1st?    

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Please keep checking the forum for further information about the resubscription process...

  2. It doesn't happen with every re-release but it's not unheard of... Unfortunately we can't know when the store will have it again. Best course of action is to click on the Notify me when this product is available button and be patient...
  3. 'Xtracts' - from U2-X Radio It's live… the debut episode of 'Xtracts', ninety minutes of U2 on the airwaves, capturing conversation and music from the opening weeks of U2-X Radio. more info ---> https://www.u2.com/news/title/xtracts---from-u2-x-radio/
  4. As it should be… All the thanks to Jo and Ty for this nice listening party at distance... We all may be far away in distance, but things like this make us close as a community. Let's see what the future brings us... meanwhile, take care and be safe, girls and boys...
  5. no Unforgettable Fire play should be without the best B side ever... so...
  6. Don't try to understand it... art is not to be understood - leave that to snotty critics., Art is to be felt. so feel it...
  7. the geriatric side of fandom likes R&H Bad but whines about the original video absence... =P
  8. Please be patient. They will contact you eventually... If it's possible for you please call them [+001-949-333-4820 (Outside the US) | +1-855 867-5297 (Inside the US)] ... There's a better chance to get an answer this way...
  9. Te contesto en español por cuestiones de hacerlo más sencillo (pero te pediría que en el futuro uses inglés. Gracias): El enlace de UPS marca solamente hasta que algún paquete es manejado dentro del territorio de Estados Unidos, que es donde se envía el regalo anual. Una vez que el paquete sale de Estados Unidos ya no hay forma de continuar con el rastreo, puesto que ahí entra bajo responsabilidad del correo local, en este caso SEPOMEX. Hasta donde entiendo no hay modo por parte de SEPOMEX de continuar con el rastreo de este tipo de paquetes. No queda otra mas que confiar en que desde su pa
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