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    Graphic/Web design | movies | books | comics | Dr Who | Star Wars | Twin Peaks | Several TV shows | a lot of bands | funny things...
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    not a single, but it's the bestest U2 song ever ---> Elvis Presley and America
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    all of them...
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    it's all about the drums...
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  1. Please keep checking the tracking number for a few more days, to see if there's an update - if after these days everything remains the same and you haven't received the gift nor any update, then please contact the customer support service about this issue...
  2. Please check the tracking information on the Your U2.com Subscription order has shipped! email you received when the package was sent - from that link you can see when the package left and arrived to your postal office. From there you can have a rough estimate on how much time it should take to arrive...
  3. Please check the email with the subject: Your U2.com Subscription order has shipped! (once you receive it, in case it hasn't arrived yet). On this email, you will find a Tracking Number - this is for when the package leaves the U2.com warehouse until it reaches the customs office where you live - for the information about how much it will take from there until it arrives to your home, you would need to contact your local postal service. This information is still useful to get a rough idea how much it will take.
  4. and the semi-official season for "post your theories about the deer" starts... now...
  5. Thanks... You are right, it's a dodgy link - better to not click it... the easiest way to send us a PM would be to go to the STAFF page - https://zootopia.u2.com/staff/ - From there you can choose the SEND MESSAGE option from one of the Moderation team profiles (those being Mich40, Bigwave or max tsukino) and send the message... In this case, it would be helpful if you send to us a screenshot of the message you received, ideally with the number from where you got it (but blank or hide your personal information), so we can elevate it to the u2comteam... btw and as a security measure, I removed the link from your original message...
  6. If it's OK with you, you can send to the moderation team via PM the link to see if it's legit...
  7. Hi Max. I re-subbed earlier this evening because my sub was going to expire at midnight. I prefer to re-sub a couple of days before the expiry date, but I did it as soon as I could. I received an email confirmation right after I re-subbed, but if it's not an inconvenience, can you please look & let me know if you see that my account is re-subbed? (It's about 11:30 pm where I am, but I seem to remember you usually being awake at this hour because of being in an earlier time zone.) If you're able to check this, it's much appreciated.

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      You can see the status of your subscription on your profile  - please go to https://www.u2.com/profile and check the date on SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE UNTIL...

      Any issue there (not the correct date or any other etc) please report it to customer support service on the HELP page (https://www.u2.com/help)

  8. not entirely 100% certain it will work everywhere on the entire planet... but in any case, you can always try: https://www.youtube.com/c/paralympics
  9. It's probably better to have just one thread for football... or, if there's enough interest, to make it for general sports...
  10. EDITED & UPDATED 24/8 : About the issue in Belgium and Denmark (and for if it happens in other countries as well) we request all of you on this situation to please go to the Help section (https://www.u2.com/help). Once there, please select the CONTACT US form on the right column on that page. As the topic, please select Subscribers Gift Shipping Issue Please be as detailed as possible on what the issue is about. Please have in hand any email, notice and/or screenshots you can provide to illustrate the situation and let know the people on the Customer Support service you can provide these. Please let us know on this thread or via PM to the Moderation Team any answer you get. Thanks.
  11. Not a Simple Minds exclusive motif (but it's true that it's something they have used for many years)... the image is an illustration of a Claddagh ring, which is - per wikipedia - is a traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship. More info about the Claddagh ring. This one on the face mask, btw, was drawn by Bono...
  12. blasphemy!!!! >=| =P there are kids that never knew (until now) a winning Cruz Azul team... 😪 still... Go, Cruz Azul...
  13. Due to the number of subscribers, these are being sent by batches, so you will receive this email until the gift is being sent. Please give some time and patience... Anyone eligible to receive the Apollo CDs will receive that email....
  14. I'm currently an Android user... haven't had an iPhone in years... I suppose there could be a way to make Apple Music to check every folder for any possible track on the phone or an iPad and import them, but every guide I've found involves a computer in one way or another, unfortunately...
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