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    Mexico City
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    Graphic/Web design | movies | books | comics | Dr Who | Star Wars | Twin Peaks | Several TV shows | a lot of bands | funny things...
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    not a single, but it's the bestest U2 song ever ---> Elvis Presley and America
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    Zoo TV Mexico City
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    e+i Berlin... the last one...
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    all of them...
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    it's all about the drums...
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    The Cure | David Bowie | that fuzzy genre known as "alternative" | Surf / Garage bands... | lots of etcs...

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  1. Max, when I go to send a private message to another fan I get a pop up window that says I am allowed to send "0" messages a day.  Do you know why that is?  I obviously can send to you.  I figure that I would not get that message if the fan was not set to receive private messages, for it would tell me that instead.

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