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  1. Guy's letter seems to make the assumption that it was a smooth process for those of us that did get tickets. My eXPERIENCE link and code did come as promised. When I tried to get into the presale, it kept taking me to a link that said the Innocence sale will start on Wednesday. After about 15 minutes of trying, I finally got into the sale. Then I went through several tries at buying tickets. Each time a popup said, sorry we can't process your order at this time, please try again later. I did finally get tickets (and I know I'm fortunate that I did given all the people that didn't get this far), but it took about 40 minutes and I lost the chance for the some of the better seats available. It also seemed that a larger percentage of the seats in the lower sections were VIP seats than I've seen on past tours. At one point in trying to get tickets, I did try for a couple of the lowest priced VIP tickets, but Ticketmaster thought better of that and said it couldn't process my order. I've had similar experiences with problems using Ticketmaster in the past and it just seems like they can't ever handle the rush when tickets first go on sale. It's extremely frustrating.
  2. I think I got tickets for Boston at 11:55! It gave an error right at the end on some kind of Visa verification? The tickets are in my order list and I got a confirmation email though. Almost TWO hours of frustration!!
  3. No luck for me either. I had tickets several times, but nothing happened when I clicked Buy. Then it wouldn't accept my Presale code. So, what now?
  4. Get well soon Bono and take care!!!
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