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  1. Because I haven't received any emails lately maybe that's why I haven't received an email about tomorrow's presale. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed I get a text in the morning. Good luck everybody hope you get the tickets you want.
  2. Max do you know why I haven't received any emails from u2.com lately? My email is correct in my profile but I didn't receive one email announcing tour or presale ticket process only confirmation I renewed my membership.
  3. Is the email being sent by u2 fan club or by Ticketmaster? I know the code will come by text from Ticketmaster tomorrow but I haven't been receiving any emails from the fan club except when I renewed my membership but no tour announcement etc.
  4. I know Spoon has been around for a long time just included them because they are great live and I went to a show in august for $32 with fees. And my kids were the ones that turned me on to them.
  5. I tried to get Springsteen tickets all shows were verified and I got standby email. Never got a code so couldn't even try during general onsale. Of course over half the available tickets for each nights show somehow ended up on Stubhub for huge $$$. I just ended up deciding to not go. There are going to be a lot of unhappy U2 fans after this and watch how many tickets end up on sites like Stubhub. I actually attend a number of shows with my teenage boys, newer bands like Cage the Elephant, Foals, Spoon etc and they are great shows and usually less than $50 with fees and none of this stress or garbage My days of jumping through more and more hoops just to get tickets for bands like U2 sadly may be ending. At some point the headaches aren't worth it just my 2 cents
  6. No ID check at Seattle last night. I think the only potential problem you would have if for some reason when swiping card there was a problem and you had to go to ticket office to fix it. I heard that happened a few times last night. But I would think if you print out the ticket confirmation you would be fine.
  7. I would think GA tix would be pretty easy to get in either presale group and for that matter in the regular sale as well. LA and NY might be a little bit harder to get. I got GA tix for arenas last tour during the regular onsale which 10 years ago would have been next to impossible. With huge stadiums I think most people in the presales looking to get GA tix will be happy.
  8. I have one GA ticket for Saturday's show available. We will probably be lining up to get our line number just before 9 am and then come back over between 4 and 5. If interested PM me your cell and I will call you. Face value of course. Thanks.
  9. You will be fine. There was a 2 ticket limit for presales and 4 ticket limit on first day of sale after that there was no limit. Go to the LA forum ticketmaster listing and it gives details on ticket limits.
  10. No code yet here either. Hope everything runs smooth tomorrow.
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