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  1. Baja Girl - I was buying 2 tickets at Brisbane and had an error from ticketek so went through process again and this time got confirmation. Since have had 2no. confirmations for Brisbane (2 tickets each confirmation) emailed to me. Checked bank and 2 lots of cash taken out! I am not a cheat and would be devistated if my tickets are taken off me. If there is some way to get the 2nd lot refunded would appreciate it. Call customer service, explain what happened, have one order canceled, easy - Baja
  2. Got Melbourne and Brisbane. Only wanted 2 in Brisbane but pop up blocker blocked my confirmation, so panicked and bought another 2 tickets! Better safe than sorry.
  3. Not sure if anyone else agrees, but as a Horizon member does not seem right that I will have the same opportunity at tickets as a person who may have signed up 2 weeks ago? Surely those who have been paid up for several years should get a better crack at tickets?
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