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  1. It was just a concert. However that's what those people do, concerts, crowd control. It was inexcusable and nobody seemed to care while it was happening or after; and, if you were 5 foot 1 and stuck in the middle of that crushing sea of humanity, it might not matter how long it's been.
  2. Little known fact. The boys wanted to call themselves Larry and His Lovey Dovey Stuff. Yeah, it's true. I came up with U2. Oh and I DJ'ed at my daughter's wedding. So that makes me a DJ. Well, I made a playlist on my iPod. Same thing.
  3. Some people are like Light. Noreen was one of them. "Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished." ~Michael Strassfeld
  4. Ohhhh, what was that song that band played, just before U2 came on the stage...awhile back??
  5. It better be 'up' here, because I can't go down....there....
  6. Sending healing prayers for you and praying for comfort for your family and the band. Take care of yourself first. We'll still be here when your 100%. We love you!!
  7. dreamoutloud wrote: theres no such thing as a stupid californian... lol, how sweet.....have you ever been to California? Anyway, I think I got it right AND I think I found the siggy feature......
  8. badgirl56 wrote: Carrie!.did it work???????.I miss the wee 'Flashing envelope!..............lmao1 Yes! Yeah, we're going to have to respectfully ask for some kind of a flashy anything, (I say respectfully because Baja scaresme right now. ) ohhh, how about a 'flashing Bono'? For the girls anyway. And how did you change your timezone? I found it last night and did it wrong. I'm just a stupid Californian, I don't know what + or - I am fromGMT!!! I need a Pacific Standard time choice!
  9. *waves* I think the new Zoo gave me a migraine last night....it was probably just too much excitement.
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