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  1. Been poping out here lately just for the sake of compromise and not forgetting this place, but it just doesn't come out of my heart anymore. I won't be deleting my account or anything, just won't come here anymore. You guys know where to find me, Karen Martinez (Pichu) at facebook. Have a great life, go smell the flowers every now and then, and don't get to caught up with conspiracy theories! Love you all!
  2. This was a sad/painful/hilarious things to read today, thanks for posting!
  3. [quote name='CNF wrote: kerttuli'] I’ve pretty much lost my faith with church as an institution – doesn’t mean i couldn’t believe in God. I’m just pretty tired of all the conservativity and discrimination what i still see too much in church – even if some progress has happened during last year (maybe only because of the pressure from outside...?). Somehow I see the church and God as a two different thing – at least “my†God doesn’t despise or discariminate anyone. Sorry the rambling I am a 51 year old gay, living together with my partner for 31
  4. Florence + the Machine, Lungs. (I'm loving this lady)
  5. http://29.media.tumblr.co...g06tRhV1qd774jo1_500.png
  6. Fuck them, people bleed for art, for things they believe and have faith on, if people have died for stupid senseless wars, why not for a masterpiece? They should be kissing Julie Taymors creative ass! It's for people like her that they have a job, a profession in the first place!
  7. This person must have shit in her head... That's the most logical explanation I can think of.
  8. I'd say my career, it allowed me to be creative again, gave me the best 3 years of my life, and it led me to great people, my friends, I value them a lot too, they've done great things for me. I value a lot my resilience too, without it I wouldn't be able to say that I value my health or family, my life in general.
  9. Doesn't surprise me really, people have called Bono many names, at least we can see he does his homework at the level that he knows things, things a country can find threatening and, how does the document call it? Oh yeah! His "tonge-lashing" is pretty effective hehehe! God bless Wiki leaks!
  10. Hello! I have an experience I wanted to share, I started working at TELETON this year and hope to keep on it. Thing is that after the whole show business crap and event production I got myself into, I almost lose completely my faith in humankind, it is a cold world, specially here in Mexico where mafias have taken over it, my dad warned me but I guess things happen for a reason. I thought that people with good intentions did not exist anymore and went on with my life with very low expectations from everyone around me, carrying the belief that everyone had malice at some level. I was prayi
  11. I agree time with your children is at stake, you gotta keep the balance, cuz your run the risk that the one becoming a couch potato is your kid. I think it's all about priorities, giving time to each thing, helping your kids with their homeworks and playing with them is of course part of your daily thing. It's not about busting your ass with lots of things to do, it's about knowing what's most important for your and working on it each day.
  12. Being that active is more of a state of mind, no need for couch, once you get used to work that much it comes out easily. You'd be amazed what the human body can take if you test it, don't test it much tho, or you can end up like me!
  13. Restart your computer, check the adobe web site for any upgrades, any new versions, if that doesn't work, look for an old version to download and install, with time it will upgrade for itself. If all fails, lie down in fetal position and start crying.
  14. If your twisted and perverted mind perceived it that way, then... yeah it kinda does.
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