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  1. There's a reason for that, and that is we couldn't make that assertion without having the actual data in front of us; something that only Ticketmaster likely has and that they would not share under any circumstances except for legal reasons. Without being able to show that is actually true, we could not include it in the letter. We only presented what we could document.
  2. It says his message was sent "in anticipation of" the communication. He had not received it yet, and probably did not quite realize the extent of the problems at that time.
  3. Only disappointment is no One Tree Hill being included. Sure, it was a single only in one region, but that's really no different to In God's Country which was a US-only release. Seems wrong to include one but not the other.
  4. I posted this on atU2 and I'll post it again here.... Really? Worse than the recycled B-sides on Medium, Rare & Remastered and Artificial Horizon? Worse than the album tracks on Duals? Worse than the keychain that was the very first annual gift for U2.com subscribers? People will complain no matter what the gift is. I love (most) of the music releases even if some of them are re-issued B-sides/remixes. After the horrendous backlash that was Duals, U2 had to do something really special and we got it in a big way with U22 and From the Sky Down. North Side Story was just a book but it
  5. Spread the word! I posted an article on it over at U2Gigs; hope that helps to give it greater visibility. Will keep tweeting it out too. Anyone posted about it on the @u2 forums, interference, u2start, etc?
  6. A caution to all fans going to the Toronto shows; because of the Pan-Am games, the third lane of the Gardiner Expressway and other area highways such as the 401 now have a restricted use. They've been turned into special HOV lanes and you will need to have three people in your car to use them, or else risk an $85 fine. The lanes have special markings, so you can't end up in them by accident. As a result, traffic in the regular lanes may be slower/more crowded, so give yourself extra time. This applies to all the area highways, but the Gardiner Expressway is of biggest note because it is litera
  7. Almost guaranteed it won't be The Miracle. Historically the opening single almost never opens a concert. New Year's Day, Pride, With or Without You, Desire, The Fly, Stay, Discotheque, and Get on Your Boots never opened a concert on their tour. Beautiful Day only opened its tour once (and it is widely acknowledged that the set had changed from supporting NLOTH to a greatest hits one by the time it opened 360). The only two real exceptions are Gloria, which opened most October Tour concerts, and Vertigo; and the latter was arguably because the summer stadium tour was too light out for City of B
  8. Oh no worries, I wasn't offended at all! Miis are supposed to look a bit funny anyways!
  9. I tried styling Bono (particularly the hair) circa Elevation and Vertigo tours, the time period I'm most familiar with as they were when I became a fan. Unfortunately the customization options for Miis are fairly limited (even in something as simple as hair colour). Adam I really struggled with and am still not happy. Miis are designed to be distinctive, and almost cartoonish, which makes it difficult to get close to someone; even when you let the 3DS camera do the work for you!
  10. Before I get to the good stuff, a quick explanation. On the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, you have the ability to create what is called a Mii; a very simplified, almost cartoon-like, lookalike of yourself. What is the point of this? Mostly just fun; Miis appear in the background of many games as spectators (the audience in Mario Kart for example), or as playable entities (Streetpass Plaza and the Miiverse). Using the Mii Maker on my 3DS, I have created Miis of Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry, their first time on a Nintendo product! (Except for Larry, technically). And now you can have them too! If y
  11. My thoughts? 1) The criticism was mainly levied at Bono, rather than U2 as a whole, because of his campaigning. 2) Bono didn't move to the Netherlands. U2 moved part - not all - of their business assets, not Bono by himself. 3) There are four members of U2, of which Bono is just one of them. Make it five if you add in Paul McGuinness. It's not something that was his decision alone. 4) U2 pay taxes all over the world anyways, particularly when touring. They are a global brand/entity. In summation, to levy blame on Bono for a group decision to move a portion of the band's assets to
  12. You can't. It is a physical release, not available for download.
  13. You can't. It is a physical release, not available for download.
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