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  1. It says his message was sent "in anticipation of" the communication. He had not received it yet, and probably did not quite realize the extent of the problems at that time.
  2. I posted this on atU2 and I'll post it again here.... Really? Worse than the recycled B-sides on Medium, Rare & Remastered and Artificial Horizon? Worse than the album tracks on Duals? Worse than the keychain that was the very first annual gift for U2.com subscribers? People will complain no matter what the gift is. I love (most) of the music releases even if some of them are re-issued B-sides/remixes. After the horrendous backlash that was Duals, U2 had to do something really special and we got it in a big way with U22 and From the Sky Down. North Side Story was just a book but it
  3. Spread the word! I posted an article on it over at U2Gigs; hope that helps to give it greater visibility. Will keep tweeting it out too. Anyone posted about it on the @u2 forums, interference, u2start, etc?
  4. A caution to all fans going to the Toronto shows; because of the Pan-Am games, the third lane of the Gardiner Expressway and other area highways such as the 401 now have a restricted use. They've been turned into special HOV lanes and you will need to have three people in your car to use them, or else risk an $85 fine. The lanes have special markings, so you can't end up in them by accident. As a result, traffic in the regular lanes may be slower/more crowded, so give yourself extra time. This applies to all the area highways, but the Gardiner Expressway is of biggest note because it is litera
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