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  1. I emailed Yes24 since the booking page said that the "standing section queue will proceed by the entry number of your ticket" (screenshot #1). I asked if it was true of all standing sections (not just Red Zone), and they said yes. As for what form of photo ID I'd need to pick up the ticket, and they said passport (not driver's license). I also asked if the will call office would open before the queue started and they said they said maybe and to check their website again in November. (see screenshots #2 and #3 for my questions and their replies).
  2. I didn't get an email at all last night (or this morning), but I did get the code texted to me. Hope it all works out for everyone.
  3. Never did get the confirmation email, but I did receive the purchase link and code via text a little while ago. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Hi, thanks for all your hard work. I have not yet received any confirmation email re: 11/14 presale (I'm in the Experience group) and my set up was complete last week. Nothing in my spam box either.
  5. AP1

    Ticketless Entry

    Glad it all got sorted.
  6. AP1

    Ticketless Entry

    Call them. I had a similar situation (but I still have the old card and brought it with me). I emailed their customer service a couple days ago, and they said: You will need to call us in customer services 0818 903 001 for us to update your card, its not advised to send us the new card number by email for security reasons. Thanks, Ticketmaster. When I called, they said I didn't have to update since I still had my old card in possession. But you should call and tell them your situation so they can update your card info for you. Call during normal work hours (it's not a 24 hour line).
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