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  1. Looking forward to getting elevated in just a little while. I saw both Atlanta dates on the Elevation tour, which were exactly 8 months apart, 30 March and 30 November. The show in November was my daughter’s “first” U2 show. Of course, she was still in utero. I specifically remember her getting really wiggly during Sunday Bloody Sunday. Interestingly enough, that is still one of her favourite U2 songs. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, RaissaJunker said:

    Hello hello! Been here for 3“ish” years and its the first time i am posting on the forum :) one more u2 fan for Brazil’s side of the force here 😅 

    Been a fan of the band for 20/25 years so far (fell madly in love when i was 10 and “Pride” started playing on the radio) and the first time i got to see them live was actually in 2017 at the Joshua Tree tour (good thing is that i was finally able to pay for a ticket, every time they were at São Paulo i was completely broke and i got sooo happy that it was happening 🤣 still see the videos when i browse at my phone and miss that day!)

    nice to meet you all! :) 


    Nice to meet you!

  3. 8 minutes ago, xrayjets said:

     I think seating wise; they would have had similarish capacity. 

    The SCG would have a higher GA capacity cos it’s an oval.

    The football stadium was pretty steep though, from the very top seats you’d definitely have some vertigo (see what i did there !). I sat right up there once & felt like some oxygen would be appropriate 😂

    If the SFS hadn’t been unnecessarily DEMOLISHED (it’s a very sore point among most NSW residents) earlier last year it would have been a much nicer venue for JT2019.


    Was just reading a bit about that. And apparently ZooTV was the first concerts there. I just rewatched the show and my friend was watching it too, which was kinda funny because that was totally unplanned. Anyway, she asked because it made her question how many people were behind us in November after seeing how many were on the ground at the ZooTV show. Since you were at both, I figured you’d be a good one to ask. 🙂 So, thank you. 

  4. 48 minutes ago, missmorleigh said:

    Hello! Hello! I am in the place called V... Poland :) I've been a fan since I heard for the first time Discotheque on the radio when I was 11. I wanted so badly to attend the PopMart gig in Warsaw but I was too young according to my mother :( I have seen U2 live so far twice, in Chorzów / Poland / 2009 and in Berlin in 2015. I have a deep affection for Larry, I even had a teenage crush on him when I saw him for the first time in the video for Electrical Storm :D I have met many wonderful people thanks to U2 music and my Latvian BFF too ❤️ My favourite album is Achtung Baby. Warm greetings from Poland! ❤️ 

    I know I welcomed you yesterday during the stream, but again, welcome to the Zoo. Glad you joined us.


  5. 1 hour ago, missmorleigh said:

    I was commenting during the stream in the another thread... I missed that one. It's my favourite U2 official live record, I love its vibe. ZooTV is so vibrant, sensual, crazy and Bono never sounded better. And my teenage crush Larry looked so damn great in that uniform ❤️ And I learnt t-h-a-t dance to Mysterious Ways :) 


    25 minutes ago, Madfl3a said:

    It sure was a fun way to spend a Sunday night ! We'll do that again next saturday using our own DVD. You can join the party in this thread if you feel like it! The more the merrier, and really I really love to share those stories and emotions with other fans as we watch along all together !

    It was lots of fun to have so many people together. I was doing the “bounce bounce” between threads. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Back to one thread next week. Can’t wait to see which one we will be pressing our own play button on. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Grace12 said:

    “I can’t help falling in love with you!“ That was the moment in Yankee stadium August of 1992 my boyfriend turned to me & said I will get Bono to sing that at our wedding one day!! 
    We are still together,  
    & this moment still gives me chills.

    Great stream i felt like I was a teenager all over again. 


    My hubby never promised me Bono singing at our wedding, but he did tell me he loved me for the first time after the ZooTV show at the Georgia Dome on September 25th, 1992.

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