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  1. On the gold hot ticket is mentioned, you Will recieve extra info 14 days before the concert date. until now I didn't received any info. Same for the red zone. anyone received the info they talking about?
  2. Hi, I have 3 spare tickets.3 x seats Gold hot ticket, Paper tickets. Vak 107 / rij 9 seats 207 - 208 - 209 Price face value 329 euro. I sell them for 300. If you're interested, sent me a private Message.
  3. Hi, I have spare tickets for Sunday ( Gold hot ticket, hard core paper) Vak 107 / rij 9 seats 207 - 208 - 209 Price face value 329 euro. If you're interested, let me know.
  4. Sunday 30 July 2 x great seats ( Gold hot ticket, hard core paper) Vak 107 / rij 9 seats 207 - 208 Price 270 euro. The Gold Hot Ticket Package includes: • Top priced seated ticket to see U2 live • Commemorative U2 tour laminate + lanyard • Merchandise . Separate entrance. If you're interested, mail to (mod edit; no personal details. Use private message feature)
  5. In previous tours we received new présale code, will this also be the case now? My membership was about to expire soon, I renewed it today, will I receive new présale codes? (I have used red hill présale codes already) Thanks for providing an answer.
  6. Do you believe this!!!! Tickets are not on sale and check out these prices! http://www.seatwave.com/buy-u2-tickets/3arena-dublin-tickets/24-november-2015/perf/1009251
  7. Is red zone also GA? Or can I order these save on the VISA of my husband?
  8. I found this on ticketmasters FAQ: Paperless tickets are not transferrable. You cannot buy a Paperless ticket as a gift for someone else. You can only buy a paperless ticket if you (the card holder) will be attending the event in person. If you buy 2 paperless tickets, your companion must enter at the same time as you. • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules. This means when you have one creditcard on the name of your husband, you can't buy tickets as he's not able to attend?
  9. I will try to buy GA tickets for Dublin, does the name on the tickets needs to be the same as the name on the creditcard? I'm waiting on a new one. So I will be using the card of someone else. (I will take this card with me to the venue.) Thanks for clarify this, I don't find a clear answer on this in the FAQ.
  10. I would like to purchase tickets for Dublin / have an unused code, but the VISA is on my husbands name. Will this be valid as an entry for GA or does the VISA also has to be on your own name? Thanks.
  11. I need to renew my membership next month, if I renew it earlier, do I get a new présalescode?
  12. Perhaps you can start to email U2 principal managment, a lot of U2 com users did a while ago, concerning the bad service received from fanfire. Suddenly most of us received an email from fanfire and they did take care of the issues whe had.
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