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  1. The tracking no. is useless when the package leaves US... it doesn't convert to EU postal comapanies... mine is stuck at 17th August... most of my firends around who got their confirmations later already got their packages so mine is probably lost... as i asked at postal office and duty office
  2. With April upon us how are we doing Apollo?! i must be careful with my boss or wife when I say to him I will be early realistically before the virtual tour is done we will not any heads up on the gift details 😕
  3. Regarding the exclusive Stuff ... I’m dying for another “cool” person playlist... NOT (no offense to anyone) but this is very lame effort for the paid subscribers ... like mentioned in first post at least one live track per month would be nice (see Metallica, see Pearl Jam...) gift wise last few were really nice, but we all know that proper ZooTV release would be a mother of all gifts! 30th birthday right around the corner so maybe?
  4. Does March still counts as early 2021? ... seems like Apollo setlist had more than 100+ songs and they are individually curating the songs... oh wait they had it already mastered for SirusFM... why oh why it always takes so long to announce such simple things... don't you thing one track download would be about right by now?! given there is close to zero exclusive content online ...
  5. Thanks to MODs for helping fans, but it is still ridiculous that years go by and U2.com store still has the same old issues... My "Edge" Sian shirt never reached, I was refunded with item value, I had to fight to have the shipping cost refunded... after about 6 months I finally got my money back... had few other issues like that with other orders.... usually with happy-refunds- ending (but damn I wated that Sian shirt so bad and ordered minutes after it got online), but that is not the way e-commerce should work. Now i avoid buying anything in U2.com store, because of this. Sad to see that it still works so bad when so many other e-stores work so well and handle customers way better. Still huge love to the MODs for trying to cover u2shop poor service!
  6. I have to say DVD in 2020 Of a show filmed in 4K is a real slap in a face... the same happened with last Coldplay video release - only dvd you guys may not realize it but 142minutes with possible LPCM, DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 will mean a lot of compression and quality of video will really be poor! Just check out Chicago DVD there are so many artifacts for the very same reason... I believe it (2005) was shot in HD and begs for HD release and now 2018 show in SD ... what a way to show to your fans we do not really care just give them something and grab the 40usd sad
  7. Good luck! I'm tired of havin to ask and getting replies which lead nowhere... since they alread collected my money
  8. The whole SHOP is one big GLITCH I ordered 3 items in november, they've split it in 2 packages, gave me 2 tracking number which never worked, early January said they resend 1 package again no proper tracking no.... it's been almost 4 months and no signs of package in my doorway... this thing operates like in 19th century.... every Ebay seller has better managment of shipping etc. Can finally someone from U2managment get hands on this pile of shit!
  9. Looking for 1 GA ticket for 1st show for a friend!
  10. Friend is selling 1GA ticket for stehplatz inneraum, ticket is located in Poznan (Poland), might be delivered to Berlin on showday. PM for details
  11. Not yet... called and they will arrive soon that's what i was told
  12. A friend is looking for 2 tickets for Sunday show in London, might be seats, FACE VALUE only. Thanks to all who replied this one has already been sorted!
  13. Anyone still think DUALS CD was lame?! Can't believe the news today...
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