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  1. I have to say DVD in 2020 Of a show filmed in 4K is a real slap in a face... the same happened with last Coldplay video release - only dvd you guys may not realize it but 142minutes with possible LPCM, DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 will mean a lot of compression and quality of video will really be poor! Just check out Chicago DVD there are so many artifacts for the very same reason... I believe it (2005) was shot in HD and begs for HD release and now 2018 show in SD ... what a way to show to your fans we do not really care just give them something and grab the 40usd sad
  2. Not yet... called and they will arrive soon that's what i was told
  3. Anyone still think DUALS CD was lame?! Can't believe the news today...
  4. I've PM both of You, should there still be a problem, check the official site of the FLAG-MOB, www.u2flaga.pl there ismy mail at the bottom of the page: u2flaga (at) o2.pl
  5. after Dublin#3 there are no doubts they will play NYD in Poland so get your self ready for the most spectacular show of the 360 tour! WHITE and REDagain!
  6. U2 FLAG-MOB - 360° - POLAND ON THE HOR I ZON On the 6th of August U2 will again play in Poland. Just like the last time Polish fans prepare a huge FLAG-MOB aiming to turn the Stadium in to a giganticWhite and Red flag. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? If you have GRANDSTAND/SEATS tickets, you take something WHITE (towel, t-shirt,paper, white glowing mobile etc.). If you have PITCH/GRASS tickets you should take something RED. When the band starts to play "New Year's Day" - the song inspired by Solidarity Movement and Lech Walesa - everyone starts towave with shirts, papers, towel and
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