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  1. Excellent gift. At least a complete show will be released first for subscribers. I expect a later release in a better quality, but i must admit i'm really happy with this E+I souvenir. A no brainer.
  2. 4 days and september is over. I am thrilled to receive the package this year on time ...
  3. They tell me that a membership is non refundable. So first they ask me to pay in advance and when i don't agree, i loose my money??? What is this kind of customer service? Sorry for the delay in replying back. Regarding your request, we wish we had better news. Fan club memberships are non-refundable. For this reason, we are not able to cancel your membership. We're so sorry we were unable to approve your request. Have a safe day. Sincerely, Jerry U2.com Team
  4. Very disappointed. I have asked to retract my renewal order and to get a refund.
  5. October 25, 1981 Zaal Lux, Belgium, Herenthout When Boy came out, i bought it almost immediately. I was so emotional seeing their TV appearance from the Brussels gig in 1980. And then most unbelievable thing happened: they would come to play 30 kms from my hometown. I could grab easily tickets (there was a No Nukes Manifestation that sunday). U2 wasn't well know either. I hiked to the concert with a friend, but we had to call my parents to bring us by car, because we couldn't get to the town in time, but luckily we still were on time for the concert, because the promoter decided to wai
  6. i agree: it is not fair not to redeem 25 % voucher "Subscribers to U2.com receive a 25% discount voucher to spend in the U2.com shop but this is NOT redeemable against the triple vinyl Artificial Horizon set.)" Eric
  7. So i did not say that U2 isn't a great band. I think it's a great band! I know what they can do and play, but during this 360 tour it seems there'smore potential than what i watched now. And all this talk about a stage? Come on, boys and girls, to me it's all about the MUSIC, and that was the mostdisappointing i experienced by u2 in years. Someone talked about the Las Vegas 1997 show. I wasn't there, but i listened many times to the show and watched a video of it. If you compare it to thatvery concert, ok, then these 360 tour concerts were fab, but i've seen 2 soooo brilliant Popmart
  8. Thanks to all of you who replied to my message. For those of you who thought i was a newbie, well these are the U2 concerts i've seen. 25.10.1981 Herenthout, Zaal Lux 04.07.1982 Werchter, Festival Grounds 03.07.1983 Werchter, Festival Grounds 09.05.1992 Gent, Flanders Expo Hal 09.05.1993 Rotterdam, Feyenoord Stadium (De Kuip) 29.05.1993 Werchter, Festival Grounds 03.08.1993 Nijmegen, Goffertpark 17.07.1997 Rotterdam, Feyenoord Stadium (De Kuip) (Outside of the stadium) 18.07.1997 Rotterdam, Feyenoord Stadium (De Kuip) 19.07.1997 Rotterdam, Feyenoord Stadium (De Kuip) 2
  9. Apart from the media and the press, i hear a lot of people complaining about a lot of things during this tour. To me it was the worst U2 tour i've everseen. I've seen 3 360 shows, I've had a great experience meeting friends, i loved Snow Patrol, but the weakest part of the 3 days were U2. They don't usethe stage very well, Edge is making mistakes during playing, Bono doesn't sing well, his voice is sore. What's your opinion?
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