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    11 o clock
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    Joshua tree 1987 Rotterdam
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    Joshua tree 2017 Amsterdam
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    Arnhem 2001 with 11 o clock at the end
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  1. I renewed my subscription in Januari befote teh anouncement of the NEW gift. So, i get for the second time the live cd of do i get the dvd ( to bad not blu ray ).....please any answer ?
  2. U2 is like the rolling stones at the moment...all for the love of money....too bad...its not that nice band anymore from the past. They get touring to make money untill bono's voice broke forever. 50 bucks for membership....i was a propoganda member from the beginning. I just forget to paid my account for one year ( so no litos as well ) and now i am in the innocence pe sale group. Lucky to have 2 GA. But seats at 200 euro ??????? In the back of the venue?????????????? Come on.............
  3. Yes.. At the moment in westergasfabriek
  4. Rumors that already People queing up at the venue and that the first 500 get a tape at their wrist for a small speciale fos? Anyone to confirm?
  5. Some more info from the venue: Goedemorgen meneer Pouw, Hartelijk dank voor uw e-mail. Buiten de Red-zone zal er geen extra vak vrij zijn voor de mensen die er vroeg zijn. U zult hierbij in het reguliere vak komen. Met vriendelijke groet, AMSTERDAM ARENA Niels Schoenmaker Medewerker Service Desk T. +31 20-311 13 33 W. www.amsterdamarena.nl W. amsterdaminnovationarena.com Amsterdam ArenA is ISO-9001:2008 Certified
  6. For me, this album is the year Zero for me...its all about before and after the Joshua Tree. This album changed my life, remember how big the band was this time..bigger then life.
  7. i had a new one at july 2008...but cant get in now...and get alsno no renew ?
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