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  1. GREAT ! Sadly I have no idea of the Geography of Dublin .... can anyone make a suggestion??
  2. My pitch 2 "seats" are G4 979 & 980 ....
  3. I was SO SO SO nervous leading up to 9 a.m. this morning .... needn't have worried as I managed to get 2x GA for Croke Park Pitch 2 and then 2x GA for Twickenham ... I feel very sad for those of you who have encountered problems but I am a very happy bunny! Thank you !
  4. 35 is too old?!?! I'm 53 and will be there by 8 a.m. for the 2 shows I'm going to . I will be 53 too ...and plan to do the same :-)
  5. I am chasing down the days of fear Chasing down a dream before it disappears I am aching to be somewhere near, Your voice is all I hear Somewhere near at Croke PArk and London are what I am chasing .....Good luck to one and all today!.
  6. So many unknowns and only 9 hours or so to go ...
  7. So ...are we wanting to head to Pitch 2 folks ???
  8. Thank you very much ...fingers crossed ....
  9. I am wandering how it will work ... I want to buy 2 for London and 2 for Croke Park ....and there is only 34 hours until the presale ....Can someone please gives us really easy step by step guidance ? Just help me get what I want ...and no-one gets hurt
  10. This is exactly my question .....I hope it has been answered further on in this thread as I read it .... Hope so ...
  11. I had a brilliant time both nights- met some new friends - Lothar, Raul, Andre, Philipp, Patrick and Freddie, Uwe and and others ....excuse me if I have forgotten anyone. As usual U2 were totally awesome. It was brilliant to be so close and intimate with the band...on the South side about 5 rows from the screen on Saturday and row 2 on Sunday. Personally my favourite songs were The Electric Co on Saturday and the heaven of Bad followed by 40 o Sunday.it was my fifth U2 concert but the first time I had heard 40....How long to sign get his song? Well I am still singing it now ... I am in Spain now but have 500 photos so will share some here when I get back k to England after next weekend
  12. We have tickets for both nights
  13. HI ALL!! I have tickets for Koln first night and hopefully tomorrow I will get tickets for the second night ... can anyone recommend anywhere to stay within 15 minutes walk of the Arena? Two of us - a twinned room ..... can anyone recommend anywhere? I have NO idea of the geography of the area ... THANKS
  14. Sorry I cannot help ....but for my German friends ....Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay in Koln for 2 nights please???
  15. Me too .... What do I do with it now? How do I print it out? Anyone know? Have you followed the link to it???
  16. HI I have Cologne for the first night too ... Hoping to pick up the second night too :-)
  17. Hi there ! Are the KOLN tickets available on presale???
  18. So Bajagirl ....In real time how many hours might we need to wait .....and what happens if KOLN is not available as yet to subscribers please? THANKS
  19. Does anyone in authority know when the Cologne / Koln presales will be please?
  20. YES we normally get four tickets don't we...... I have had to get my friend to join ....I will buy Day 1 and he will hpefully get Day 2 ....
  21. Hi All Does anyone know why KOLN (Cologne) is NOT showing as a time and date for presale as yet? I am worried about this. Can anyone help please?
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