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  1. Just out of curiosity - wondering if anyone has a spare Joshua Tree VIP book thay would be interested in swapping for the latest eXperience/Innocence VIP book ?? Get in touch if interested
  2. Seems like it's not 'THE BEST THING' to some The U2 purists aren't happy, and rightly so ????????????????????????????????????????????? Well, Your The Best Thing just reared it's ugly head and it's dividing opinion, I like everyone else got the clip from Bono's beach-house firstly and liked what I had heard, Now I've heard it in it's entirety over the weekend I actually like it, (for the record I think most of that dance/rave stuff is SHITE) but this fits well, and it's a one off......(possibly) let's not throw our toys out of the pram and have a shit fit over ONE song. But all this
  3. they'll probably release a special 1-sided vinyl of 40 with a special litho print inside available to fan's for just $400.40c
  4. For EVERYONE coming to Dublin The Church Bar in Jervis St (on LUAS line) close to 3Arena - - - - - - - THE CHURCH CAFE BAR (see you there........maybe)
  5. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    26/27//28 Dublin (NORTHSIDE) A sort of homecoming (for all visiting fans)
  6. Hi, not sure IF you got sorted but if your still stuck I can help I also work in 3Arean so will be EVERYWHERE during Dublin shows
  7. Sadly I'll be back in Dublin by then Would be great even if U23D was on while there. . Then AFTER hit a bar
  8. For anyone EVERYONE going to be in NYC on 22 or 23 is there anything planned before or after shows on those nights? Arriving from Dublin and gonna venture out both nights but would be great to catch up with other fans. . Anyone know where is good to drop into or know of any fan events / meet up ? Cheers G
  9. I'll be in New York from the 23rd July and wondering if there is any planned meet up's before or after gigs ? if there's something happening where is it at, would be great to meet some fellow fans while in NYC See you there ;-)
  10. A shot in the dark BUT looking for a general STANDING ticket for London 30th Oct IF ANYONE has a spare for sale face value cheers
  11. That was freebird Tower (Easons) got 15 and Tower (Dawson St) got 25 RAGE got 5 and Spindizzy got 10 - They all went within seconds of opening, Tower was cheapest at E29.99 and Spindizzy the most eXpensive at E45 Anyhow...... I got 1 so I'm happy enough
  12. Yes... I suppose I did help lol... free advertising on the LUAS I just hope it has a good home...... and NOT stuck up some tree
  13. I have no idea... never handed in, but I just hope it was someone who was pissed off at getting it free in the first place
  14. I bought the album on release day here in Dublin and got the deluXe CD & Vinyl, already having it on my Ipod I was on the tram home and was looking through the booklet inside the CD, I was a little immersed in listening to the album and reading the booklet and ALMOST missed my stop so I got up and out in time only then realising I had left the vinyl on the tram and could only stand there as the tram shot off - I immediately contacted the tram lost and found and informed them what had just happened and sent an SOS out on twitter. Knowing either 1 of 3 things would happen : The driver wo
  15. Here's what I know (whatever it's worth) Shooting a video called SUMMER NIGHTS, I have been at two days of shooting and so far NO sight of anyone from U2...BUT i'll tell you this... IT's NOT an ad Security is so tight for this it's actually laughable - IT's not an ad.. I've been on numerous sets over the years and never encountered security like this, some saying it's a GUINNESS ad some saying it's a CADBURY ad... ALL have signed a confidentiality agreement - they wear different coloured wrist-bands every day and the shoot has so far featured a single guy (actor) walking around Dublin
  16. I've been at shoot last 2 days and it's insanely tight but NO sign of band only some guys dressed in black being filmed the shoot on the bridge is the same... NOTHING really happening only 1 guy being filmed carrying a guitar about - and security is mad I don't expect band to be about for this ... at least they haven't been the last 2 days ?? I got pix... but nothing of interest
  17. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    A photo I took a little while back and added some Ordinary Love lyrics !!!
  18. We wait and we wonder !!!!!!!!!!!! Im not pleased at this ''partnership'' either and as far as LN are concerned I fear it's a BAD thing - LN are only concerned about how much they can bleed from the average fan and taking a 100% stake in U2 will give them complete control over every future U2 event and they will do their utmost to make us pay heavily when a tour comes around - I think this association will have a negative affect on U2 with fan's not going to as many shows as they have in the past and many could even avoid show's completely ... I wait and hope we are wrong BUT the corpora
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