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  1. Same here. It’s very unclear to me. I have a Dutch TM account, but that doesn’t work to complete the setup

  2. I've had the email too, is the verified fan program just for the U.S.?
  3. Personally I'd go pitch 2 although it can depend on the stage show ie whether you want to be close to the band or see the screens. On the 360 tour I was too close and couldn't see what was happening on 'The Claw', great view of the band though
  4. Check out somewhere like Dun Laoghaire. It's a 20 min DART (train) journey into the city centre, Right on the coast. From Connolly station it's a very quick walk to Croke Park. Basically anywhere along the DART line on the coast would suit you. Dublin is a small city. Are there late trains after the gig?
  5. So many people get Euro signs in front of their eyes when U2 play, bring back the old days The Spencer for us as it was as cheap as anywhere
  6. Pitch 2 (Disabled platform) and Pitch 1 which I will hopefully exchange for Croke 2 or sell on (at face value)
  7. Mine has seat numbers but it does say Pitch 1 (couldn't get Pitch 2 )
  8. Yeah it wouldn't work for me on UK site, try IE site
  9. Are you using an ad blocker or "no script"? if so disable them! Also I got in on ticketmaster.ie as ticketmaster.co.uk crashed
  10. I had the same problem try changing to Pitch 1 if you're looking for GA
  11. So why is it saying sold out for me Edit: Got in but GA1 :/
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