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  1. All good things come to those who wait,most of the time. I'm sure we have had longer to wait in the past. Myself would want music
  2. and then in Hotpress we have this spin to foil touts The most important instruction is that no cash will be accepted for general admission (standing) tickets. “The transaction is a paperless one,” a spokesman for Ticketmaster said. “The credit card used to make the purchase must be presented on show night to gain entry.” Tickets will be limited to two per purchase – a device which is used to foil touts, who frequently attempt to purchase tickets in volume. - See more at: http://www.hotpress.com/U2/news/Ticketmaster-Issues-Rules-of-Engagement-for-U2-Dublin-and-Belfast-Fans/15171591.html#st
  3. MOD EDIT - direct links removed Tickets available Seller Price Per Ticket Tiered SeatingBlock: L - Row: ** 2 €350.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: P - Row: ** 1 €350.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: H 2 €359.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: H - Row: ** 2 €359.05 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: P - Row: ** 2 €364.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: P - Row: ** 2 €364.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: P - Row: ** 2 €383.21 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: P - Row:** 2 €387.98 Buy Tiered Seating 2 €390.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: D - Row: ** 2 €399.00 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock: N - Row: ** 12 €399.99 Buy Tiered SeatingBlock:
  4. did not get an email about the pre sale and then we tried to get tickets for Dublin and 4 times yes 4 times we get tickets and then thrown out by the website before compleing he purchase then hrown out to huge demand as tickets sold no time out.,.. then get redirected to a site touting tickets.. wtf is going on ? first rate band second rate seller of tickets Fact. We then went for higher value tickets and same happened again. Very poor service. then go on website and get direicted to the resale ticket service ................ all a bit suspect me thinks
  5. snail mail got me front row tickets at wembly arena June 1987 those were the days record shops in every town good price too ................ got Ga for Berlin but phone will not download the ticket could be fun on the day .............. thought tech should serve not hinder ............. like the sabbath not being a day of rest blah blah
  6. hawkmoon269 the electric co a sort of homecoming no line on the horizon sleep like a baby Crystal ball room bad always foreever now glastonbury
  7. a new U2 lp for free , a little surprised with the reviews ....... wonder if some other motive. For me I was hoping to get hold of this release like the old days off to the shop buy the 12´´ disc and sit down and listen to it for the first time with the only gap changing the sides on the record player. well it did not quite work out like that but I am pleased I managed to hear the record in one listen without any sneak peaks. Maybe it was cos i was tired as it was 1 am here when i downloaded, it was not an instant wow like no line or Joshua tree, or was i just worn out with the lack of great m
  8. agree but u know creator always has the right to hold back i would love to do it
  9. I had a feeling this was going to happen and to be honest I dont have a problem with this. I was really disapointed with invisible. I downloaded played in the company of friends and we listened and then all looked at each other and then caried on talking about something which escapes me. But there u have it . Been following since 1983 and been lucky to see most tours etc and thought no other band touched them. if u2 feel it aint ready then it aint ready. respect. Please stop the POP bashing ................ it is a great record as was NLOTH. They have the freedom to do what they want so i
  10. still no reply from live nation tried the phone number it has been changed , left on hold for over 5 minutes gave up they are useless useless , still i like to think i am positive and expect my zoo tv cd soon § cos it is on my invoice! i wonder has anyone in czech republic recd their copy yet?
  11. has anyone recd a reply from customer service cos I am still waiting___________?
  12. it all worked for me 1st time nice package pleased to get zoo tv again as some horrid person nicked my first copy
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