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  1. If i have offered a : U2com13 Standard New Membership: 2018 Gift to a friend, will he also get a pre-sale access code?
  2. The GA numbering had started yesterday. With a clear sign, you can not miss it. Regarding the line up for the second show, what was done on the previous tour: as soon as the ga went in the first night, people who had not the chance to go, started the second show line.
  3. The GA has already started and we had contact with stadium crew. So during night times, they are shift (2 To 4 people per shift) taking numbers at the car park entrance in front of the convention center. Staying in front of the gate B at night is not allowed. During day (when back To day light) the place is moved back To the entrance of gate B. Check in time is 8am and 8pm for tuesday. On wednesday, day of the show, check in will be at 6am. And you will have To stay. Security check will start at 2pm.
  4. not clear on the tickets presales, it says 4tickets per code, but can you buy for example 2tickets for 1 show and 2 for another one?
  5. Thanks for the continued help on this, Bigwave. My wife and I will not be able to attend the dates we purchased. Totally understand that they don't want scalping. But, I'm happy to just transfer them back to TM if they would just permit that - which would still prevent the scalping and allow those who can't attend to get our money back, at least. That's the frustrating part of all this. Wanting to prevent scalping is one thing. Allowing no possibility of transfer or reimbursement is crazy. There are plenty, I'm sure, who would pay regular price for these so no scalping would be involved.
  6. ok, manage to find why, and it might help for others... It did not work with the option 'find a seat' but by using the seating map and entering your pre-sale code on the top. Got my tickets pretty easy
  7. you are lucky... can not get through the We were unable to process your request.Try again later. already full?
  8. when we get this message from TM (tried several time but message keeps coming up) 'We were unable to process your request.Try again later.' does this mean it's sold out? I'm trying to get 1 ticket for vancouver 2
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