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  1. Hello there...MacFoley here...one of the original Zootopians...yo! How is it out there peeps??? I have posted much in here for a long time, I hope you all are keeping well and still enjoying U2! I am! In the past few months I have been writing short pieces of music called, Oddments. There are 27 of them in total, they are a musical diary of my life, with each number representing a date, and finishing on my birthdate on 27. Thanks for looking...enjoy!!!
  2. Hey Pete! Yes it is by chance, I can read this. Or have...thanks to Mich who passed it my way, bless her... Nice one you saw Tool! I am glad you enjoyed their set, they are truly a special band ain't they! New album August 30th too... How are you anyhow?
  3. They also used Harry's Game by Clannad for the War and Unforgettable Fire tours too. All You Need Is Love by The Beatles for The Joshua Tree tour. (Oh I made a post Mich)
  4. No I don't have the band anymore, although still writing, but not putting anything out as yet...having fun doing these covers!
  5. Check this out...this is my latest cover - Red Hill Mining Town, which I uploaded yesterday...
  6. The rules are THAT simple, follow to your own accord. (Special mention for the special folk over at atu2 forum, bless them...) 1. Say Bono was once cool and is now a idiot and fool because he hangs around with people we are supposed to not like... 2. Admit and keep admitting everything else from 2000 onwards is complete pop crap and they lost it, if you admit you like at least one those album, you are not a true fan. 3. Go to as many shows NOW as possible to prove you are a bigger fan and dedicated than your neighbour....if your neighbour is going to more gigs than you, hurt them bad! Also don't forget the SECRET HANDSHAKE in the GA line to get extra favours and treats... 4. Admit Larry is a grumpy sod who is being forced by Bono to be in U2 now days. He wanted to quit years ago, 2000 i think, but 17 years later he hasn't wanted to be any part of it at all.....right? 5. Complain about the lack of sub gift, and when the gift is announced, whinge about the gift... 6. Blame U2 and their management team for the fans lack of knowledge on how to purchase tickets in an internet presale then resulting in failure to get tickets...it's all U2's fault, they invented the internet after all... 7. Claim to say that Joshua Tree is your favourite U2 album of all time while on your device has Streets, Still Haven't Found and With or Without You and nothing else, while waiting for the tour to happen or the release of the 30th anniversary JT... 8. Complain about U2 being political and ranting too much infront of the camera's and at shows...enough Bono, it's all about the music, guess they forgot about the album War then, released back in 83.. 9. Know what you want? So a real fan wanted the experimental lushness of UF/JT/AB experimental...so when No Line comes out, lets all complain about that "experimental" album...done, where are the songs?...next album SOI comes out....lets complain about the songs...real U2 fans must win! 10. Don't converse with the “real” U2 fan, they will drag you to their level and make you turn on the hate post u2000...they simply know how to wear the t shirt better, even though it might not fit them 30 years later, but good try though!
  7. Thanks for the lovely comments guys! Nice one!
  8. Hey guys! Thanks yo Michelle for the heads up!
  9. Hey guys, been off for a while...anyways, just done this piano cover of The Stone Roses - Where Angels Play on piano... Have a listen! Check it out!
  10. So no speech that they have to go away and dream it all up again... More like they have to go away and finish Songs of Experience and start again next year, fingers crossed.
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