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  1. The only line to travel on in Berlin
  2. Oops not of Berlin - but still one of my favourites!
  3. Croke Park - Front Page the next morning!l with my brother - FELT FAMOUS FOR 2 SECONDS!!
  4. Thanks for the updates - getting very exited now - my brother and I are also flying from London! Also looking at the temperature it will be pretty cold in the queues!
  5. Thanks - Will look out for your update! Very excited now!!
  6. Hello, Sent these questions to Live Nation Korea, replied really quickly! - they will have a cloakroom! Coming to the U2 show at Seoul Sky Dome on December 8th, Please can confirm details for picking up the tickets amd entry to the stadium, 1) What time can we pick the tickets up from? >>The detail of show day schedule will be posted on Nov 29th. You can find this information via ticketing website (Yes24 / and Live Nation Korea social channels) 2) Can we only pick them up on the day? >>Pick up is only available for those who purchase ticket after Nov 18th (I didn't really undertand this answer, as inteernstional buyers have to pick them up?) 3) Can we pick them up from anywhere else? >>If you are picking up your ticket, you will only allowed to picking up at the ticketing box on the show day. 4) On the Yes24 website it says entry is by ticket number - how does that work? >>If you purchased standing ticket (R or S), you will be queuing up in the standing zone on the show day. The detail information will be also posted on Nov 29th. 5) Lastly is it possible to know if the Skydome has a cloakroom for coats? (tried to search, but cannot find the answer) >> Yes we will be operating a cloakroom (Locker) on the show day.
  7. So my friend from SK also couldn't find the answer if they have cloakrooms at the Sky Dome - seems to think that there might be some lockers at Guil Station - I guess wearing the minimum without freezing is the answer! On the ticket site says we will get more info in November, so hopefully soon! Also very curious on the GA system as it says entry is by ticket number (my brother and my ticket are in 0200’s so hopefully in early) Will be in the Itaewon area on the Saturday night, will take in as much as possible in Seoul on the short trip – looking on trip advisor found the Wolfhound Irish Pub, will get there at some point to see if anything U2 is going on!
  8. Great Question - was wondering the same thing - staying in a hotel 45 mins on the subway from the stadium (I have a friend from SK will ask her to see if she can find out) BTW - Do you have any info on picking up the tickets? (coming from London for the show)
  9. Hi mich40 - if there is a fan meet-up in Seoul, would it be on this topic or somewehre else?
  10. Was wondering the same thing - can't seem to find any information on how it works or the entry process either (travelling from London for the show)
  11. Hello, Heading to S Korea from London for the show with my brother - Got 2 x GA standing ticket with a low number so should be right at the front or by the tree. Will be arriving on Saturday morning (7th) and leaving on the Monday morning (9th) Will be staying at the Ramada Seoul Sindorim will be doing some tourist stuff, but wondering if there is a plan for a fan meet-up somewhere? Cheers
  12. Thanks - have booked the Ramada Seoul Sindorim which looks to be a 20 minute walk from the venue - Anyone else staying there? Flying in from London arriving on the Saturday morning (7th Dec) and then flying back on Sunday morning (9th Dec)
  13. Hello - sitting in a bar Lisbon - anyone know where to meet up with other fans?
  14. Any suggestions on the best place to stand - On the I&E tour stood by the round b stage one night and down by the front for another show - both were great when the band were there - but lost a bit of the atmosphere when they weren’t! Is in the middle of the long stage better or is that the worst of both worlds?? Will be at Lisbon (1st night) and London (both nights) Any thoughts? cheers
  15. Hi, Are they doing any t-shirts on the official merchandise stalls specific to the city (like they had in the US)? If so, any pics?? Thanks
  16. thank you - trying my best with the zen!
  17. Hi, Assume this has already been asked, but does anyone have their pre-sales code yet or do you just see "Experience" on your profile? Getting a bit nervous now! Cheers
  18. richd66 - brilliant thanks for checking and sharing
  19. Hi, Also lucky enough to get a Superfan ticket - The email that was sent with code and link had this at the bottom. Did the email with GA offer include the same message? Also this is the timing for the show - if you arrive at 8.00 will miss them and just see the man with the laptop! Timings Doors Open - 5:00pm Show Begins - 6:30pm U2 - 7:00pm David Guetta - 8:15pm Show Ends - 9:15pm http://www.mtv.co.uk/mtv-presents-trafalgar-square/news/mtv-presents-trafalgar-square-all-you-need-to-know-event-information Cheers Adam
  20. Got an email yesterday saying sorry, BUT got an email 3 mins ago offering tickets with a code and link - and went through fine (also says "Your tickets aren't quite ready to print yet...") Sorry but am a London postcode Keep checking! Cheers
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