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  1. Wow. It's been far too long since I last visited the Zoo. Yea, tour rumors have bought me back to the forums. Although I didn't part-take in the Christmas card exchange last year, it has always been something I loved. The way we as fans communicate and interact with each other no matter how far apart or how different we are.
  2. Count me in. I've enjoyed part taking in this the last few yrs and can't wait to take part again.
  3. Count me in. I've enjoyed part taking in this the last few yrs and can't wait to take part again.
  4. Didn't stay a secret for too long did it G? ha ha
  5. 4274 Hello Edge says he's doing real well... =D
  6. Hi Friendlies... Long time no... me here... Hope you are all well.=]
  7. Last year I sent out about 40 cards I think it was... The year before that I sent out twice the number of that easy... But I do recall the first year I did it that it was said if everyone sent to the next 20 people then everyone should recieve at least 20 cards... It was up to each person if they wanted to send more....
  8. Heya Dawn... I've been meaning to catch up with you x x I know it was mentioned above that the list is normally complied closer to Thanks Giving... However, I'm happy to make a start on a list now and then hand in on to Feathers later if she decides she's on board again this year...
  9. Hi Ros, haven't heard from you in a while.... =] We should look at compiling a list soon though, as those who have participated before will know the cards need time to get to some places... I recall receiving cards after New Years that last few years
  10. Awesome that your willing to take on the role... Keep me updated and I'll help out where I can =] Kristaps wrote: Nope, nothing has been done yet. But since I haven't noticed Feathers around here *sniff* I think I might take over
  11. ha ha ha... Yea I almost made a not so nice phone call yesterday when things weren't working like they were supposed to... but, fingers crossed I'm all good now..
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