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  1. Early 1985. U2 is announced as the headliner for Torhout/Werchter later that year. I was 15 at the time and asked my mum if I could go. A defenite NO was the answer. What to do..... At that time I had a penpall who lived about 100 km away from me and her parents were very open-minded. She asked her mom and she got the ok. So we made a little plan. I would say to my mum I was going to stay at my friends place for a week and then we would secretly go to Werchter. In the event my mother would call; my friends mum would say that we were out to the beach or something like that. So off we went!!! By train to Belgium and hitch-hiking the last bit. There was no festivalcamping at that time, so we put our tent up in the bushes across the festival enterance. Stayed up all night to party with the locals.... The festival was amazing and U2 was so intense, I had no words to describe it. A week after we got home Live Aid happened and I was jumping in front of the tv and told my parents I did go to Werchter. They weren't even that mad at me
  2. I just had a Desperado: tequila flavoured beer.........
  3. I would recoment to visit Kilmainham Gaol, the former prison in East Dublin. It has a very impressive tour and as an axtra bonus: it is U2 related. U2 shot their video for A Celebration there.
  4. Houdoe en bedankt olé olé!!!!!!
  5. ML13 wrote: circuitbandit wrote: spanish eyes girl wrote: Misschien is het handig om te inventariseren wie naar dublin 3 wil gaan. Wellicht kunnen we als nu2f 1 of 2 accounts nemen? Dublin 3: Willy Ilona Denis Tina en Pascal Paul (als ik dan toch ga ...) Marjoleine Irma Tsss, Marjoleine!!!!!! Beslis jij zomaar voor mij dat ik naar Dublin 3 wil????? HELEMAAL GOED!!!
  6. Jeetje, dat is zeker een puinhoop FJ! Denis, gefeliciteerd met je Metallica kaartje!
  7. Ik kreeg vanmiddag een sms van Marjoleine over Dublin 3. Meteen maar vrij gevraagd voor 1 april en ook vrij gekregen voor 1 april!!! Bring it on.........
  8. Hawkmoonnl wrote: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG O jee, wat is er aan de hand FJ??????
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