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    bulb Box

    From the album: U2

  2. From the album: U2

  3. From the album: U2

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    Q Mag 1

    From the album: U2

  5. i got this tooo!!! gonna put some pics up later
  6. phew, i started to wonder why i hadnt got the prints yet but it looks like everyone else is the same.
  7. Happy Birthday Bono!

  8. im sure there is more to come though it's worth renewing to find out surely.
  9. Streaming Saturday!!!! thank you

    1. pain_18_


      HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME !!!! ON CDWR PAINT the world you need to see, Sometimes fear's the only place

    2. pain_18_


      Not nearly as good as Glasgow, though - But It'll do !!!

  10. This Tour was absolutely incredible, the intimacy of seeing the band so close and the screen visuals were just fantastic. Graphics and song sets and the flow of the show was just brilliant, yes there were scripted bits, i didnt get tired of it though, i followed it on Mixlr,Twitter,Periscope and Meerkat for 6 months and was pretty sad when it all ended. I only managed to go once and watch it live but the contributions on social media and apps made me feel part of the show many times over. The work that must have gone into the tour was i imagine imense, i really hope they dont go back to stadiums as this was just an amazing experiance and i loved it.
  11. #strongerthanfear

    1. shinelikestarsgirl


      Thanks for supporting White Out Belfast! :)

  12. its EBW but the acoustic version for me, however i really love invisible,cedarwood road and iris and ordinary love so this was a tough choice! we have been spoilt in the last 12 months with great tunes
  13. yeah i was a bit gutted, it did seem like all the bits were being caught to me, should have checked a bit harder, was quite excited on the way out so probably didnt look hard enough either.
  14. it was most of GA but not the bit i was standing in(just down a bit from e stage northside), i kept hoping it would flutter by me but it didnt.
  15. ahh there was loads of this in London on Sunday but i was nowhere near where it dropped and i think the books went southside, still good to watch though.
  16. someone posted a pic on twitter of a cedarwood road tshirt in navy but i didnt see this anywhere on the Merch stalls on Sunday, just wondering if some new items might appear in the shop soonish
  17. i waited nearly 2 hours to get in on Sunday but i think there were some problems. I had an expired card and AXS told me to take that one and it was the new one that worked, so basically take every card you have related to the sale/account you bought the tickets with, just to be sure! and they didnt check my photo ID, i took it anyway though as you never know. That was for GA tickets. i did get the feeling that people in the GA Queue were not the people in GA when we got in the arena but i could have been wrong.
  18. There is a different gate for people who bought in thefan club pre sale from other people? wish i had known q-ed for over 2 hours!
  19. it was 8ish but there was a 10:15pm curfew
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