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  1. WOW last night was just brilliant @the 02

  2. 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ahh yes please do this in London the pieces of book coming from the ceiling looked magical.
  4. Let go, let's go, discotheque, ner ner ner ner ner

    1. padawanbeck84
    2. pain_18_


      Wanna be the soooong..Be the sooong that you hear into yooo Heaheaeahehaeaheah !!!!!!!

  5. wow this sounds amazing, i didnt see the thread about the free tickets (was off work too but was knee high in decorating and gardening!) I watched it twice and saw the extended version on Channel4 as well, great to see Zootops on TV and recognised some guys in the front row, awesome experiance for you all. Enjoyed Slaves as well.
  6. into the heart.....

    1. pain_18_


      Was JUST listening to it !!!!!

  7. Shine like Stars Snippet we need it!!!!! Please :)

  8. i have a lot of trouble with Meerkat, i seem to get about 10 mins streaming time and then it kicks me off is there just too many of us trying to watch it?
  9. not re-using mine either! was just a bit worried it said i hadnt used it.
  10. Im a bit confused by the email i just recieved from u2.com. it says: "As a subscriber yet to take part in a U2ieTour presale" now the worrying part is i bought tickets for London ages ago! is this just a standard message or does it mean i didnt get my tickets a few months back? because i definately paid for them! hoping its just standard text.....bit worrying though.
  11. Another Time,Another Place....It's here!!!!

  12. From the album: U2

    It's here!!! Woop
  13. sazshackle

    Q Magazine

    From the album: U2

    Great interview
  14. Yeah, lover I'm off the streets Gonna go where the bright lights....

  15. Unos...Dos.....Tres.......Catorce!

    1. pain_18_


      Some spanish lessons with an Irish accent !!! Are you ready to take this spaceship off the ground !!! Unos Dos Treees Catooorceee !!!!

  16. 5 years since 360 tour!

    1. pain_18_


      Great tour !!!

    2. angelofharlem4u2


      Time flies, doesn't it? :)

      It was a great one!


  17. Got to admit i would have liked some Birmingham or Manchester dates but there are a lot of places they arent playing, i imagine its impossible to play everywhere and please everyone.
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