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  1. My plan is to go to opening night in Tulsa. This way, temptation becomes irrelevant.
  2. I got a MSG3 GA in two minutes. In and out. Ticket arrived yesterday. eXperience Code.
  3. Correct. Certainly a lot of hoops to go through for these tickets.
  4. Just answered your same question on Interference.
  5. Just renew to be safe. $40 for peace of mind.
  6. thanks Mich. This removes some uncertainty from rumors I had heard we had to pick a city.
  7. Bigwave, Max or Mich: Do we have to select what show we are interested in attending? Either on ticketmaster or u2.com?
  8. Though it may be helpful for folks to see how the 'verified' text messages look like the morning of the presales.
  9. Ticketmaster is not working today for GA's and regular seats. Period. its like an intern forgot to activate GA's for the presale!
  10. Max, Big wave, mich: Speaking to friends all over the country, no one able to get regular tickets in presale. Only VIP's and red zones.
  11. Officially no one can get GA's to Minneapolis, St Louis, Kansas City that I have heard. Bigwave??
  12. Bigwave, This is a legit problem. Tried with a few browsers and the app. Only VIP and RedZone options for all North American shows.
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