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  1. The same concert ? Are you nuts ? Only eight songs repeated and the Dirty day to Wild horses segment blows anything on the Paris show out of the water !! On a negative note though yes we will have to fork out for the higher quality general release version.
  2. If they stopped at €300 but they're charging much more and of course selling the vinyl set on ebay
  3. I still think the published rules say "per transaction" not "per 6 Irish shows" !!
  4. I'd imagine the transaction would be rejected for insufficient funds. That happened me with one of the London shows. I was short €10 or so & missed out on a ticket I had in the bag !! Luckily I got one later in the drop
  5. All good folks they replaced my section A29 seat with a section A10 seat so I'm happy !!
  6. Its a mess at this stage If they actually limit it to 2 tickets per person/card/house I can see a huge percentage of the tickets being cancelled. Maybe its just a bluff to deter people . Myself and my wife will both be trying for tickets separately at work,what happens if we both buy at the same time ? Will our tickets be cancelled ?? My brother lives near me,he has the same address ,as do about 100 other people on my road ,and he will be trying to get tickets. We have no postcodes in Ireland so the address can be shared by loads of people. Well we had better start using our new post codes !! Loads of people are in the same situation and I'm sure it will be ok !!
  7. Q - I bought my 2 tickets during the pre-sale, can I buy more in the public sale? A - Yes, rules for pre-sales do not affect public / general sales.
  8. This tour was originally sold to us as pairs of shows remember !!
  9. But how are people supposed to know that ? Where does it state that in any of the adverts ?
  10. I tried that already firstly and it was press this number and press that number in Swedish so I had no chance !!
  11. I've been in touch with Live Nation and they assure me it will be fine.
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