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  1. Good morning from St. Louis.  I have a question.  So the St. Louis show last week did not have the tour shirts specifically for the city like I saw for Tulsa.    Seems Fedex screwed up.  Do you know how to get one?

    1. bigwave


      could put a request in the St Louis thread? But I think that might be the one city that didn;t get one..

  2. There is not much around Scottrade anymore. There is a Hard Rock down the street at Union Station. But, Ballpark Village down the street across from Busch Stadium will be a big meet up location. After the concert, U2 HYPE will be playing a show.
  3. Correction jsnltt, its not Fried Ravioli its Toasted Ravioli
  4. The GA is fan run with approval from the director of security. He has been staying in contact with us
  5. Good morning from St Louis everyone!! The GA line has moved down the street from the Embassy Suite Hotel to the corner of 7th and Convention Plaza. Come get a number. The Director of security has met with us and is on board with us and the line. We apologize for the lack of information up until now, however as many of you know, there have been a number of safety concerns in the city, especially in recent days. This has resulted in having to strategically plan where and when to start the line and how to efficiently manage it until we are banded and the venue takes over on Saturday
  6. I have GA news. The Dome is giving out numbered wrist bands beginning Saturday (9/16) at 7:00am at Gate A which is at the corner of 7th street and Convention Plaza. No word on what time a line can begin to form. Once you have your wrist band, you are free to leave but you must be back around 2:00pm. The line will move inside Gate A at 3:00pm. Floor opens at 5:30pm. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT... Once the line moves inside at 3:00pm, if you leave, you can't come back inside. GA can only enter Gate A. Now the question has been asked if the Dome will allow a
  7. Most of the garages and parking lots around the dome are pay as you park. Not sure how much they will charge for the show but I would think $20 possibly more.
  8. Just an FYI. There is a group for St. Louis on Facebook. Not sure how many are part of it but I'd thought I'd share.... https://m.facebook.com/groups/292166871193160
  9. As of 6:23am Sept. 1, 2017... There still good seats and GA remaining.
  10. As of 5:54am Friday, Aug 4, 2017.... Good seats still remain including GA. Tell your friends.
  11. Someone I work with was wondering. I told them to try and see
  12. How fast does someone get a code if they sign up today?
  13. If folks have a code and they know they can't use it, can they give it to someone else to use? Not sure if thats ok or not but wanted to ask. If it is ok, I'm looking for one since I used mine thinking they would not be coming to my home city.
  14. bobczx2

    New Shows

    so if i used a presale code for the 1st leg, will i get a new one for the shows that were just added???? I think we should since we had no idea that more shows were going to be added.
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